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  1. racism
    Amid Racist Threats, Vermont’s Black Female State Representative Steps Down“The sacrifices were becoming too great,” Kiah Morris said.
  2. House Republicans Still Stuck on Doomed Immigration BillsThey are making one final, and probably futile, effort to pass a “compromise” measure. But it’d die in the Senate anyway.
  3. women in politics
    A Record Number of Women Are Running for the U.S. House of RepresentativesAnd the majority of them are Democrats.
  4. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    This Bill Would Make Congressmen Pay Their Own Sexual-Harassment SettlementsInstead of tax-payers.
  5. women in politics
    2018’s Record Number of Women Candidates Are Set to Blow Up Politics As UsualWhat’s the fastest way to fix a broken system? Take it over.
  6. Former Staffer Says Arizona Congressman Offered $5 Million to Carry His ChildRepresentative Trent Franks has resigned, effective immediately.
  7. power
    House of Representatives Will Now Also Require Anti–Sexual Harassment TrainingMore baby steps.
  8. Conyers Steps Down As Ranking Democrat on House Judiciary CommitteeHe is continuing to deny the allegations of sexual harassment that have been made against him.
  9. Tracking the Most Competitive House Races in the 2018 MidtermsA dynamic, monthly breakdown of the most competitive districts
  10. better late than never
    Congress Will Now Have Mandatory Sexual-Harassment TrainingSpeaker Paul Ryan announced the policy on Tuesday.
  11. sexual harassment
    4 Female Lawmakers Say They’ve Been Harassed by Colleagues in Congress“It’s hostile and embarrasses, and therefore could take away a person’s power.”
  12. abortion access
    House Approves Republican Bill Banning Most Late-Term AbortionsThe Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act has been endorsed by the Trump administration.
  13. Steve Scalise Returns to Congress 15 Weeks After Congressional Baseball Shooting“I’m definitely a living example that miracles really do happen,” Scalise said.
  14. Body-Slamming Congressman to Build Kids’ Wheelchairs for Community ServiceThe recently elected Greg Gianforte was sentenced to 40 hours for assaulting a reporter.
  15. House Approves $1.6 Billion for Border-Wall ConstructionBut the funding probably won’t make it through the Senate.
  16. GOP Congressman Overwhelmed by ACA-Supporting ConstituentsA Colorado Republican snuck out of his own event to dodge a group of constituents who came to challenge the repeal of Obamacare.
  17. It May Be Now or Never for a Democratic HouseWith Donald Trump at the top of the ballot, a historic Democratic wave could take the chamber.
  18. gun control
    Debbie Dingell Makes Personal Gun-Control PleaMichigan’s Debbie Dingell spoke during a Democratic sit-in to force a vote on gun-control legislation.
  19. If Trump Is Nominee, Can Dems Take the House?Until recently, the scenario was pretty much unimaginable.
  20. House Passes Bill to Block RefugeesSince it still seems unlikely the bill will become law, it probably won’t do much else than that. 
  21. shmashmortion
    House Passes a Ban on Abortions After 20 WeeksThe bill would make it difficult for rape survivors to access abortion care.
  22. The U.S. Capitol Has a Waste ‘Containment Issue’Metaphor alert.
  23. House Votes to Pay Furloughed Workers EventuallyWhenever this shutdown is over.
  24. The House Is Very Skeptical on Syria So FarThe vote is not looking good for Obama.
  25. The House Finally Passed the Sandy Aid BillThe $50.7 emergency bill is expected to pass the Senate.
  26. House Republicans Get Around to Passing a Bit of Hurricane Sandy Aid They approved $9.7 billion in flood insurance for now.
  27. John Boehner Overcomes Protest Votes to Stay Speaker of the HouseAlso receiving votes: Allen West and Colin Powell.
  28. Public Shaming of John Boehner Helping Sandy Aid Vote HappenOne will occur tomorrow and another later this month.
  29. politics
    All Boehner’s House Committee Chairs Are DudesSo much for the “year of the woman.”
  30. feminist press conferences
    Nancy Pelosi and House ‘Sisters’ Laugh at Luke RussertAnd it’s spectacular.
  31. New York Is Now a Battleground State — in Fight for the House, at LeastProbably as close as we’ll come to seeing how the swing voters live.
  32. House Votes to Hold Eric Holder in ContemptSeventeen Democrats voted in favor, while others walked out.
  33. Boehner: ‘One in Three Chance We Lose Majority’Frankly, he’s just being frank.
  34. House Adjourns With Payroll Tax Cut UnresolvedThe clock is ticking, time is running out.”
  35. Republicans Sticking Their Necks Out on Tax CutThey’re making life very difficult for their colleagues — even fellow Republicans.
  36. Democrats Give Darrell Issa the Credit of Trying to Take Him DownIs this even necessary?
  37. GOP Plans to Use Derided ‘Demon Pass’ to Push Diminishing GoalsHarsh realities were faced, the status quo was embraced.
  38. Michele Bachmann Drops Bid for Actual PowerShe realizes that her fellow Republicans in Congress had almost zero desire to vote her into the House leadership.
  39. New House Oversight Chairman Wants ‘Seven Hearings a Week Times 40 Weeks’White House staff, meet Republican congressman Darrell Issa. He likes subpoenas.
  40. Nancy Pelosi Is Running for House Minority LeaderUndaunted, this one.
  41. Health-Care Reform: What Changes Now, and What Will Change LaterSo what’s in this bill, anyway?
  42. Health Care Squeaks by in the HousePlan passes by just a few votes.
  43. House Expected to Vote on Health Care TonightPelosi says tonight’s the night.
  44. Congress to Buy Itself Some New JetsThis is the same Congress that’s always excoriating executives of companies bailed out by taxpayer dollars for using private jets.
  45. House.gov Has CrashedNot that we expected any reasonable explanations anytime soon, but it would be nice to be able to check.
  46. So, What’ll Happen in New York’s Congressional Races Tomorrow?The signs point to a Democratic House of Representatives after tomorrow’s votes are counted, according to nearly all the people who handicap such things. How will the great state of New York play into the impending blue wave? Over at Early & Often, Jon Dolan takes a look at the six Empire State congressional races that could still go either way, and he predicts E&O’s “totally guaranteed results.” Will he be right? Will the Dems take the House? We’ll know soon enough. The Future of New York’s Congressional Delegation [Early and Often]
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