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Congress to Buy Itself Some New Jets

This is the same Congress that's always excoriating executives of companies bailed out by taxpayer dollars for using private jets.

By Chris Rovzar

House.gov Has Crashed

Not that we expected any reasonable explanations anytime soon, but it would be nice to be able to check.

By Chris Rovzar

So, What'll Happen in New York's Congressional Races Tomorrow?

The signs point to a Democratic House of Representatives after tomorrow's votes are counted, according to nearly all the people who handicap such things. How will the great state of New York play into the impending blue wave? Over at Early & Often, Jon Dolan takes a look at the six Empire State congressional races that could still go either way, and he predicts E&O's "totally guaranteed results." Will he be right? Will the Dems take the House? We'll know soon enough. The Future of New York's Congressional Delegation [Early and Often]