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Ted Mosby’s Going Back to College…

And majoring in Beard Growing, with a minor in Zach Braffian Archetypes. This is the second film Josh Radnor wrote, directed, and starred in, after 2010's happythankyoumoreplease. Both seemingly aspire to show the different sides of Radnor as [...]

By Jesse David Fox

People Were Cast in Movie and Television Roles

- Josh Gad will play an anti-social engineer named Headphones (yes, Headphones), in the middle-aged internship comedy, The Internship, which co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

By Jesse David Fox

Some Guest-Star News

- Reno 911! Star Niecy Nash will appear in an early episode of The New Girl next season as woman who steals Jess's likely ribbon and hearts covered purse. To take the shenanigan level up another notch, this twee purse thief will be a [...]

By Jesse David Fox

So, Who Got Snubbed?!!?!

Have you had a chance to digest the Emmy Nominations? If not, let me suggest a spoon full of salt and a spoon full of cocaine. Ok, now that that's settled, it's time for some good ol' fashioned gripin'.

By Jesse David Fox

Top Comedy Showrunners Just Doing Some Roundtabling

The Hollywood Reporter brought together showrunners Carter Bays (How I Met Your Mother), Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory), Liz Meriwether (New Girl), Paul Lieberstein (The Office), Steve Levitan (Modern Family), and Emily Spivey (Up All Night) [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Did You Get It? The Year of Inside Jokes and Season-Long Arcs

In the beginning, sitcoms would almost always feature self-contained 22-minute stories, with there never being a consequence to what anyone did or said that would carry over to the next episode. Johnny slipped on a banana peel. And it was good. [...]

By Roger Cormier

Ummm, So, CBS Announces Their Fall Schedule

Not to be all like, "CBS's schedule – woof," but CBS's schedule – woof.  The "big news" is they moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights at 8:30 so you better start figuring out if you're going to watch it or Up All Night. Oh, you're just [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: ‘The Magician’s Code’

Your enjoyment of How I Met Your Mother during its final days (next season will either be the penultimate or the final one depending on business stuff) is dependent on how much you care about the identity of this Mother person. If you're [...]

By Roger Cormier