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Alec Baldwin Is Angry Again

Also, Lindsay is still being lesbianish, Huma still loves Weiner, and Chace Crawford continues to be hot and available in our daily gossip roundup.

Amanda Peet Overshares

The 'X-Files' star talks about her sex life, Cindy Adams has a surreal experience on the way back from Kazakhstan, and Anthony Weiner and Hillary aide Huma Abedin have a dirty weekend in Puerto Rico.

Crikey! Are We Getting Madonna Back?

Madonna and Guy Richie may or may not be breaking up because Madonna "lost respect" for Richie when she found out he embellished his working-class roots. The upside: She may be moving to NYC! Matt Lauer has foolishly agreed to be roasted by the Friar's Club. Donatella Versace is appearing at Barneys today to tout her menswear line. Foxy Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Representative Anthony Weiner totally acted like a couple during David Paterson's swearing-in ceremony in Albany yesterday. Mary-Louise Parker is bad at giving directions to people in the West Village, even though she lives there. Cindy Adams thinks both Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg will make runs for governor.

The All-Knowing Electopedia Tackles the Nuttiest Rumors About Barack and Hillary

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
Electopedia, our guide to (almost) everything there is to know about leading presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, boasts some perfect party-fodder topics — Best Debate Smackdown (Barack: Iowa, December 13, 2007!), First Love (Hillary: Geoff Shields, Football All-Stater!), Most Embarrassing Gaffe (too embarrassing to list here!). Our brand-new entry, Nuttiest Rumor, is no exception: What controversial secrets are these two candidates supposedly, but not really, hiding? If we told you, we’d have to kill… Oh, never mind. Just direct your browser to the 2008 Electopedia!

Huma Likes Weiner

Wonk watchers have been panting for Hillary Clinton aide and classy Vogue lady Huma Abedin and Congressman/mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner to hook up for a while now, and today the Observer reports that they probably definitely are. Personally, we are not so turned on by this; we find it kind of off-putting when politicians have sex lives. It's like when you find out that your parents do it: First of all, ew, and, secondly, shouldn't you be spending your every waking moment taking care of us? That said, we understand the appeal of a Huma-Weiner union: They are both single up-and-comers of a certain age, they are both relatively attractive, and, perhaps most importantly, the congressman's last name is Weiner, a name that we as mature people tend to find endlessly hilarious. However, we take issue with the headline the Observer went with: "Is Hillary's Sultry Aide Waxing Congressman's Weiner?" Why did they bring "waxing" into it when simplicity is clearly best? Is something going unreported here? Did someone tell Spencer Morgan that Huma is into hairless wieners? Or! Is the Observer saying that because she works for Hillary she's a masochist? Because, if they are, that is so wrong. Almost as wrong as putting the sentence "Huma is into hairless wieners" onto the Internet. Twice. Is Hillary's Sultry Aide Waxing Congressman's Weiner [NYO]