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Hurricane Katrina

  1. Is Trump Actually Going to Do Anything About Family Separation?Fear of looking “weak” has apparently paralyzed POTUS on what is becoming a true political crisis for him.
  2. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Kanye West at the Katrina TelethonKanye West, predecessor of the shoe chucked at George W. Bush’s head during a press conference three years later.
  3. casting couch
    Annette Bening Cast in Katrina: American Crime StoryGovernor Blanco oversaw the response and rebuilding of New Orleans.
  4. police brutality
    New Orleans to Pay $13.3 Million to Settle Katrina Police Brutality CasesThe mayor apologized and vowed, “We are going to change as a people and we are going to change as a city.”
  5. american crime story
    American Crime Story Season Two Will Tackle Hurricane KatrinaThe first season will follow the O.J. trial.
  6. College Football Fans Suggest Alabama ‘Finish What Katrina Started’ Against LSUFlood their homes and drown their families!” apparently wouldn’t fit on the banner.
  7. President Obama Going to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina AnniversaryHe will meet with residents in a few neighborhoods and give a speech. 
  8. Did Brian Williams Exaggerate Stories From Hurricane Katrina?There are discrepancies in some of his oft-repeated stories.
  9. Hurricane Freakonomics: Katrina Raised Its Victims’ IncomesEconomists find a climate-change consolation prize. 
  10. Bush and Obama Equally Responsible for KatrinaKatrina happened in 2005. 
  11. Harry Reid Admits That Katrina Was Way Worse Than SandyThis is true.
  12. Cuomo Gets Flak for Comparing Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane KatrinaNot the smartest way to ask for $42 billion.
  13. At the Movies
    Saving Willie Mae’sA documentary about the rebuilding of a New Orleans institution gets us a little weepy.
  14. President Obama Addresses the City of New OrleansWe should not be playing Russian roulette every hurricane season.”
  15. New Orleans Cops Charged for Post-Katrina Civilian ShootingsFour were killed in the 2005 incident.
  16. America: This Is Like Obama’s Katrina, But WorseThe polls show widespread disapproval.
  17. Laura Bush Thinks This Is Obama’s Katrina, But in a Good WayThe former First Lady lends her support, in a way.
  18. Will the GOP Ignore Katrina All Weekend?Heckuva job.
  19. People Are Ready for This Horrible Decade to EndThe aughts were the worst decade of the past 50 years, a poll says.
  20. The Highlights of Scott McClellan’s Bush BroadsideEven better than the Katrina and Iraq-war criticisms, there are revelations about President Bush himself.
  21. New York’s Racistest? • The U.S. Department of Justice is suing the Fire Department for discriminating against minorities. A complaint filed in Brooklyn alleges that the firefighter recruitment exam is racially weighted and serves to “weed out” blacks and Latinos. [Metro] • We’ve said it should take more than greening your mansion to make it into the news. This qualifies: An abandoned upstate steel mill has reinvented itself as a wind farm, a first for the Rust Belt. [NYT] • Peter Braunstein didn’t just want to kill Anna Wintour: He also spoke of heading down to New Orleans to head up a gang of angry Katrina survivors, according to a shrink. (Braunstein did briefly pretend to be a hurricane victim to get free food and shelter while on the run.) [amNY] • Subway Superman Wesley Autrey left NBC’s Deal or No Deal with $25 after picking the wrong suitcase (the other two held $1 million and $10,000, respectively). No X-ray vision, then. [NYDN] • And there’s some sort of conspiracy afoot among the Post, CBS, Amy Fisher, and Joey Buttafuoco to pretend that there’s some juice left in the Long Island pair’s story — enough, perhaps, to sustain a reality show. Let’s not encourage any of them. [NYP]
  22. ‘Floodwall’ In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans artist Jana Napoli collected hundreds of drawers from destroyed furniture abandoned by Big Easy residents. Starting today, she installed them as “Floodwall,” a 230-foot-long piece being exhibited at the World Financial Center. Under the collection of salvaged drawers, an LED displays the words of the people who left them behind. You can see the installation at the Liberty Street Bridge through February 9.