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    Don’t Worry, IBM’s AI Debater Can’t Beat Humans … YetThe AI also wanted to warn us humans about the dangers of mass surveillance.
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    Sweden Accidentally Leaks the Sensitive Info of Basically All Its CitizensHow do you say “Oops!” in Swedish?
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    IBM’s Watson Is Identifying Social-Media InfluencersA depressing use for powerful technology.
  4. The TSA Paid $336,000 for an App That Chooses Between Left and RightYou might say the bill was … sky-high.
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    Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?A helpful new program lets you “tone check” your writing.
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    As Jeopardy! Robot Watson Grows Up, How Afraid of It Should We Be?Who’s freaked out by a robot with an expanding brain?
  7. this! is! kind of scary!
    IBM’s Watson to Use Its Powers for Good?They’re turning him into your new robot doctor.
  8. party like it's 1999
    Corporations Take a Page From Dot-Com Bubble, Get Back Into Venture CapitalFinancing déjà vu.
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    IBM’s Watson Loses to Congressman, Discovers LoveRush Holt 2016.
  10. this! is! kind of scary!
    Once Again, the Robot Takeover Will Begin With Sex AppealWatson knows how to win us over.
  11. this! ... is! ... kind of scary!
    Robot Apocalypse Draws Nearer With IBM’s Jeopardy! Victory“Watson” defeated two very smart human people today.
  12. beach reading
    Trading Inside Information Was ‘Like an Orgasm’ for Danielle ChiesiA “classic tale of desire and betrayal” from, er, ‘Fortune.’