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Identity Theft

  1. identity theft
    Man Not in Nickelback Arrested After Trying to Be Mistaken for Man in NickelbackA Florida man allegedly stole the identity of Nickelback’s drummer.
  2. plain trains and automobiles
    Movie Review: Identity Thief Should Have Stolen More LaughsDid you see Planes, Trains and Automobiles or Due Date? You get the point, then.
  3. america's toughest sheriff
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has No Idea Who Stole His Credit Card NumberAmerica’s toughest sheriff thinks maybe it was someone at a restaurant.
  4. identity theft
    I Identify With My Identity Thief: A True Story of Bank FraudWell, aside from her taste for Herve Leger.
  5. cyber crime
    Thief Buys Doughnuts With Cy Vance’s Credit CardHe only uses cash.
  6. scary things
    Hammer Attacker Stole Identity of Canadian Chess MasterOr: Why everyone should have a vanity Google Alert.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Upper East Side Trash Cans Are GoldminesFor identity theft.
  8. identity theft
    New York Ranks Sixth in U.S. in Identity TheftsAnd rising.
  9. Horrible Bosses Director Seth Gordon Joins McCarthy and Bateman in […]Throw one more log on the fire of potential dopeness that is Identity Theft, the upcoming comedy in which Melissa McCarthy steals Jason […]
  10. Mediavore
    Suburban Scammers Swindle Restaurants; Investors Urge Red Robin to Find a BuyerPlus food, music and cocaine have similar effects on the brain, and a cup of coffee spurs terror at 20,000 feet, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Noticed When Someone Stole $900 From HimThis is someone who manages his personal finances well.
  12. Mr. Chow Fires Back With Exhibits A, B, and CThe latest in the ongoing legal battle between Mr. Chow and his supposed imposter.
  13. Twitterverse
    Don’t Get All Excited: That’s Not Frank Bruni on TwitterThe ‘Times’ critic is the latest to fall prey to a Twitter imposter.
  14. Twitterverse
    First Restaurant Girl, Now Restaurant GalRestaurant Gal has a Twitter twin, too!
  15. Inside Baseball
    Will the Real Fake Restaurant Girl Please Stand Up?Life Vicarious says it isn’t behind the “real RG.”