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    SpongeBob Would Be So Disappointed by the Evolution of the Imagination MemeA meme about living your wildest dreams has become a meme for owning people.
  2. To Make Better Decisions, Rely on Your Imagination More Than Your WillpowerPicture your life as a chain reaction of related events.
  3. Pretending You’re Someone Else Can Make You More CreativeIt’s called “psychological halloweenism.”
  4. What Makes Kids Stop Believing in Santa?It’s more complicated than just growing up.
  5. Everyone Should Make Time for DaydreamingIt’s worth spending a little time each day imagining the world beyond the present moment.
  6. A Kid’s World Is a Pleasing, Confusing Mash-up of Magic and RealityA psychologist on the often bewildering process of learning to separate fiction from real life.
  7. How Imaginary Friends Help Kids Grow UpThe emotional and cognitive benefits of make-believe pals.
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    See How a Bane Mask Makes Any Villain Look ScarierSeriously. Just take a look!
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    The Channels 30 Rock’s Fictional Reality Shows Could Really Air OnYou know the History Channel is desperate for ‘America’s Next Top Pirate.’