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Imagined Conversations

  1. imagined conversations
    Let’s Imagine What Was Said During This Very Dramatic Oscars Photo Shoot“Now, kiss!”
  2. Super Bowl Forces Bill de Blasio to Hang Out With Chris ChristieAllowing the New Jersey governor to pretend he still has friends.
  3. imagined conversations
    Watch the J.Crew Catalogue Models Save ChristmasOrphans! A blonde snow witch! Chambray shirts! Christmas miracles!
  4. Republican Congressman Acknowledges That Obamacare Is ... Helping Some PeopleHow that went down at GOP headquarters. 
  5. Pope Francis: World’s Worst BouncerThe pope was a bouncer in his youth. This is why he was probably terrible at it. 
  6. Exclusive Text of President Obama’s Awkwardly Timed Syria SpeechObama will deliver these uncomfortable remarks from the Oval Office tonight. 
  7. Exclusive Transcript of Al Qaeda’s Worldwide Conference CallThis actually happened. 
  8. A British Couple Discusses Opting Out of Internet PornThis is a discussion that will take place throughout England in the near future. 
  9. American Ruins Canada DayHe baked a Canadian flag cake with a secret American flag inside. 
  10. Zimmerman Lawyer Tells Knock-Knock Joke at TrialHere’s what happened. 
  11. imagined conversations
    Video: Imagining How Stars Gossip at Met GalaKaty Perry thinks she’s on Game of Thrones, Beyoncé and Madonna fight over first-name supremacy, Anna Wintour presides, and more.
  12. The Time Joe Biden Stole Jessica Biel Away From Justin Timberlake ForeverThey met at the Time 100 party last night. 
  13. What Robots Will Talk About on the Robot InternetScientists have created a web-based database where robots can seek answers during confusing situations.
  14. Inside Chuck Hagel’s Photo SessionHow they got him to almost kind of smile.
  15. red carpet mind reader
    Humor: What Do Actresses Think on Red Carpets?In our latest Imagined Conversations video, Anne Hathaway wonders why everyone is staring at her at the Oscars and Stacy Keibler wants to make it big.
  16. imagined conversations
    Watch Imagined Conversations With Anna Wintour at Marc JacobsFeaturing all of your favorite fashion stars!
  17. imagined conversations
    Imagined Conversations With Anna Wintour at DVFHear what the front-row-ers are whispering about.
  18. that's what she said?
    Video: Imagined Convos With Anna Wintour at WuIn which Anna alleviates some confusion about Jason Wu’s massive chandelier.
  19. How Kim Jong-un Watched the Rocket LaunchAn imagined conversation.
  20. Jon Corzine Wants to Start a Hedge Fund, MaybeWhy not?
  21. Missile Defense Agency Employees Look at PornThis a lesson that, sadly, needs repeating. 
  22. What the Founders Said About 100-Round Assault-Rifle MagazinesSenator Ron Johnson thinks such magazines are constitutionally protected. 
  23. Clothing Website Makes Awful Colorado TweetWe’re going to throw up.
  24. imagined conversations
    Romney Campaign Tries to Make Venn Diagram, FailsThis makes our head hurt.
  25. President Obama and Mitt Romney: The Phone TranscriptExclusive!
  26. How Levi Johnston Chose His Daughter’s NameA one act play.
  27. The Huffington NetworkYou don’t aggregate 500 million stories without making a few enemies.
  28. Faisal Shahzad’s Secret Chat With the Taliban, RevealedOn the night of the failed car bombing, Shahzad talked to his Taliban handler online. This is what he said.
  29. An Exclusive Transcript of the Obama-Cheney Phone CallDaily Intel’s fake scoop on a phone call that really happened.
  30. Joe the Plumber’s Stand-up Routine, Revealed!Come with us as we cautiously peer into the future.
  31. What Goes On in a Secret Billionaires Meeting?Oprah, Bloomberg, Buffett, and more extremely wealthy people held a secret meeting earlier this month.
  32. What Do Five Presidents Talk About Over Lunch?Our exclusive transcript of the meeting between Obama, Clinton, Carter, and the Bushes.