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Important Ceilings

  1. John Boehner Posts Desperate Debt-Ceiling Craigslist AdCan’t believe it’s come to this. 
  2. The 8 Most Plausible Ways a Debt-Ceiling Catastrophe Could Be AvertedThe eight most plausible ways. 
  3. GOP Suspends Debt Ceiling for Three Months, Gets Pretty Much Nothing in ReturnChuck Schumer is gloating.
  4. Obama Voted Against Raising Debt Ceiling — So?Can we stop bringing this up?
  5. Treasury Dismisses Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin SolutionThe party’s over.
  6. Did Timothy Geithner Mention We’re Hitting the Debt Ceiling in Five Days?We’re hitting the debt ceiling in five days.
  7. Debt-Ceiling Showdown Part II Is ComingStarring House Speaker John Boehner.
  8. Americans Remain Traumatized by the Debt-Ceiling CrisisAll that bickering wasn’t very confidence-inspiring.
  9. Watch Warren Buffett Describe the Debt Talks As a Giant Game of Chicken Played by Insane PeopleBoehner didn’t throw out the steering wheel, but a group behind him said ‘Throw out the steering wheel, Mr. Speaker.’”
  10. Government Expects Standard & Poor’s to Downgrade Its AAA Bond RatingHappy Friday?
  11. Americans Disapprove of Congress in Record NumbersThey’re also getting sick of the tea party.
  12. Frank Rich on Martin Bashir: The Next President Will Have Had Nothing to Do With the ‘Nightmare’ Debt DealSo, Mitt Romney?
  13. Mitch McConnell Admits That Hostage-Taking Is Exactly What the GOP DidDon’t call them terrorists though.
  14. Sixth-Graders Explain How the Debt Deal Went DownThis is how our youth are learning about democracy in action.
  15. The Stock Market Tanked Today AnywayTurns out the economy is still terrible.
  16. Why Would Anyone Question the Maturity of Congress?In D.C., someone’s always a cheer captain, someone else is always on the bleachers.
  17. Our Long Debt-Ceiling Nightmare Is OverThe Senate overwhelmingly passed the debt-ceiling bill this afternoon.
  18. How Much, Exactly, Did the Tea Party ‘Compromise’?We’re going to keep writing about the debt deal. Sorry.
  19. GOP Piles on Biden for Using the T-wordRand Paul: “Prefer to be thought of as a freedom fighter.”
  20. House Passes Debt-Ceiling Deal 269-161 [Update]One Satan sandwich and a very, very strong cocktail, please.
  21. Paul Krugman Is Coping With the Debt Deal Like Teenagers Cope With a BreakupThere will be other debt deals, Paul. They will probably break your heart, too, though.
  22. Joe Biden Shows Off His Famous Tact in the Tense Hours Before Debt-Ceiling VoteHe says that tea partiers in Congress have acted like “terrorists.”
  23. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Finally, a Debt DealDid Obama cave?
  24. By President Obama’s Own Standard, This Is a Bad CompromiseObama outlined his definition of a “good compromise” in 2004. This clearly isn’t one of them.
  25. July Was the Warmest Month Ever in Washington, D.C.Serves ‘em right?
  26. Obama, GOP Leaders Reach Debt-Ceiling Deal [Update]Mr. President didn’t look too happy about it.
  27. Senate Blocks Reid’s BillOf course.
  28. Meet Mitch McConnell, Newest Star of the Debt CrisisIs this his moment?
  29. Congress and White House Think Debt Deal Is NearWe had a very good day yesterday.”
  30. Harry Reid: Republicans Have Until Midnight to Approve His Debt Plan [Updated]If you need to borrow money, America, do it before Tuesday.
  31. Senate Kills Boehner’s Debt Bill, Vocal CordsPUT SOMETHING ON THE TABLE,” the impassioned Speaker begged.
  32. Boehner Bill Now Even More Dead in the SenateHe tweaked it to get more GOP votes by adding a Balanced Budget Amendment provision.
  33. Congress: The Worst Spectator Sport EverThese down-to-the-wire legislative battles are horrible, ulcer-inducing events.
  34. Tell Us What You Really Think, Bruce BartlettI think a good chunk of the Republican caucus is either stupid, crazy, ignorant or craven cowards.”
  35. Obama Has Been Waiting All Week to Use This LineThe rest of us have been waiting all week for … something else.
  36. There Are Some Potentially Serious Consequences to the Extended Debt DebateIt’s not a political story till we figure out what it means for long-shot presidential candidates.
  37. Boehner Seems to Be Failing the Leadership Test Posed by the Debt TalksBut everyone is, really.
  38. No Vote Tonight for Boehner’s Debt PlanIt’s still not over.
  39. Sharron Angle Defends Tea Party’s Similarities to HobbitsAs in the fable, it is the hobbits who are the heroes and save the land.”
  40. Highly Anticipated Vote on Doomed Bill DelayedBoehner bill didn’t have the votes in time.
  41. John Boehner Cried YesterdayWhat took him so long?
  42. Could We Solve the Debt-Ceiling Crisis With Trillion-Dollar Coins?A venerated law professor seems to sincerely suggest that we can.
  43. This Whole Debt-Ceiling Debacle Has Been Very Good for Politicians’ Bottom LinesIf not the country’s.
  44. Michele Bachmann Has No Understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment ArgumentObama would have the power to unilaterally collect taxes? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
  45. CBO Says Revised Boehner Plan Cuts More Than $900 BillionThe House will vote on it tomorrow.
  46. Al Franken Is Getting Started on His ‘Welcome Terrorists’ SignIf the debt ceiling isn’t raised, they’ll be free to enter the country whenever they want. There will be no counter-terrorism agents or border security.
  47. John McCain Tells New Senators to Get Off His LawnHe calls the demands of some tea partiers “bizarre” and “foolish.”
  48. Sarah Palin Nearly Makes a Solid Point About the Debt CeilingNearly! But actually really wrong.
  49. Economists Expect U.S. Credit to Be Downgraded No Matter What Happens With the Debt CeilingWell done, Congress. Well done.
  50. There’s No Whining in Debt Ceiling BallSorry.
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