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Tori Amos, In Conversation

The singer-songwriter on how the music industry silences women, what men need to learn about harassment, and a career spent fighting.

By David Marchese

In Conversation: Miles Teller

The actor on Thank You For Your Service, superhero franchises, and being likable (or not).

By David Marchese

John Cleese, In Conversation

“Why should we sacrifice laughter to the cause of politically correctness if that laughter isn’t rooted in nastiness?”

By David Marchese

In Conversation: James Murphy

The LCD Soundsystem front man on music’s progress, his band’s return, and the moment of spite behind its famous farewell concert.

By David Marchese

In Conversation With Colson Whitehead

The author of The Underground Railroad on Oprah’s endorsement, avoiding clichés of the "Southern Novel of Black Misery," and whether maturity means never having to be funny again.

By Boris Kachka

In Conversation: John Oliver

The Last Week Tonight host has found himself in the curious, and enviable, position of hosting a satirical news show that frequently makes news.

By David Marchese

In Conversation: Cuba Gooding Jr.

"I just got out of actor jail of doing ten years of direct-to-video movies … I'm starving. I'm hungry again."

By E. Alex Jung

In Conversation: Charlie Kaufman

The writer behind Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and, now, Anomalisa discusses where his ideas come from, the TV shows he can’t get made, and the finer points of puppet sex.

By Adam Sternbergh