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  1. Face the Nation Makes Expansion PermanentCBS notes that it’s tough to be so popular.
  2. NBC Denies David Gregory Is Getting the Ann Curry TreatmentNo teary good-byes at Meet the Press.
  3. Bain Capital May Buy HuntsmanThe Huntsman family biz is reportedly on the block.
  4. Harry Smith Leaving CBS NewsHe’ll head to NBC.
  5. Elizabeth Smart to ABC News As Permanent Abduction ExpertGood morning, everybody.
  6. For the First Time in a Decade, All Three Evening Newscasts Added Viewers This Past QuarterThank you, Osama bin Laden, Japanese tsunami, and William and Kate.
  7. Today Show to Meredith Vieira on Her Last Day: ‘Don’t Stop’The alpha morning show sends a message to viewers and rivals.
  8. ABC Announces Couric ShowIt’s nothing we didn’t already know, but good luck, Katie!
  9. Journal: Katie Couric Will Own Her Own ShowShe’ll make money more directly this way.
  10. Ann Curry: Today Show Gang Like the Cast of FriendsThe new ‘Today’ lead anchor is nervous.
  11. The Secret Bonus of Ann Curry’s Switch to Lead Co-Anchor at TodayNo more TelePrompTer.
  12. Rome Hartman to Executive Produce Brian Williams’s New Prime-Time ShowBriWi’s staffing up.
  13. Katie Couric Says Good-bye to CBS Evening NewsAfter nearly five years in the anchor chair.
  14. Katie Couric’s Last Interview on Evening News Will Be Hillary ClintonTonight’s Katie’s last night, and she’ll have the Secretary of State on to talk about Obama’s speech today and the changes in the Arab world.
  15. Dick Ebersol Resigns From NBC SportsHe couldn’t reach a new deal with Comcast.
  16. Katie Couric’s Evening News Executive Producer Jumps to ABC’s This WeekRick Kaplan has a new gig.
  17. Jim Lehrer Steps Down After 36 Years at PBS NewsHourHe’ll leave as the longest-serving national anchor ever.
  18. TMZ: Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker Close to Signing $20 Million Deal With ABCKatie would get her own show and the ability to do specials on ‘20/20.’
  19. Scott Pelley: ‘I Don’t Do Comedy’Lookin’ at you, BriWi.
  20. CBS Looking to Woo Morning Joe?Seems crazy. But maybe?
  21. Obama to Appear on 60 Minutes This Sunday to Discuss Osama Bin LadenHe’ll talk to Steve Kroft, which probably saved CBS News from a really ugly tug-of-war between Scott Pelley and Katie Couric.
  22. CBS: Scott Pelley Will Indeed Take Over for Katie Couric at Evening NewsThe switcheroo will take place June 6.
  23. It’s Official: Katie Couric Announces She’s Leaving CBS Evening NewsI am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.”
  24. Times: Katie Couric Will Finally Announce She’s Ditching CBS Evening News This WeekAnd yep, it looks like Scott Pelley will replace her.
  25. Katie Couric Refuses to Admit What Everyone Already KnowsWill you finally confirm that you’re leaving? No.
  26. Katie Couric Might Be Co-hosting Her Syndicated Talk Show With Matt LauerReunited and it feels so good.
  27. TV Guide: Meredith Vieira Plans to Leave Today in the FallMornings without Meredith and evenings without Katie! What will we do?
  28. TMZ: CBS News Chair Wants Scott Pelley for Evening News SeatJeff Fager wants the ‘60 Minutes’ vet to replace Katie Couric.
  29. Former Philly Co-anchor Says Alycia Lane Totally Made Out With HimWearing only a bra!
  30. CBS Exec: Katie Couric Is Leaving Evening NewsSo it’s happening.
  31. TodayShow.com Launches With The Today.com ShowTry not to be confused.
  32. Dan Abrams Gets a New JobHe’s jumping ship to ABC.
  33. Times to ‘Reinvent’ Week in Review, Expand Online OpinionMore everything!
  34. Lara Logan in ‘Remarkably Good Spirits’The CBS News reporter is set to be reunited with her children today after last week’s brutal attack.
  35. David Muir Named Sole Anchor of ABC’s Weekend World NewsCongrats, sideburns.
  36. in other news
    Sean McManus Out at CBS News, Jeff Fager InShakeup at Black Rock.
  37. Are We Going to See Reporters On-Camera in Egypt After This?It’s getting seriously dangerous in Cairo for foreign reporters.
  38. Brian Williams: Times ‘Discovery’ of Brooklyn Is Media Story of the YearIt’s like Marrakech over there.”
  39. ‘Where Is It Written That the Three Morning Shows Aimed at Middle America All Must Emanate From the Same Ten Blocks Around Times Square?’David Carr has some good (though harsh!) questions about the complete anchor upheaval at CBS’s ‘Early Show.’
  40. Ben Sherwood Named President of ABC NewsHe’ll replace David Westin.
  41. Big Toss-up at CBS’s Early ShowMaggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith are out, Erica Hill and Chris Wragge are in.
  42. Larry King Confused by Own Video ClipAfter introducing the clip from Saturday, King mistakes it for a live shot.
  43. in other news
    Levi Johnston Is Asked About Pakistan for Some ReasonA weird interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC last night.
  44. The White House Is Angry at the TimesWas their story “100 percent inaccurate,” or just somewhat inaccurate?
  45. ABC News Chief to Resign TuesdayDavid Westin has had the job since 1997.
  46. Christiane Amanpour’s Debut on This Week Gets Mixed ReviewsShe interviews Pelosi and Gates in her first episode.
  47. Fox News Gets Front-Row Real Estate in White House Briefing RoomThe fight for Helen Thomas’s seat is over.
  48. Time Knows What You’re Going to Say About the Fragile Emotions of Children, and It Does Not CareWhy they put this woman on their cover.
  49. Dave Weigel Gets More WorkFormer Washington ‘Post’ blogger joins Slate.
  50. in other news
    Rush Limbaugh Is Angry That Fox News Anchor Acted Like a JournalistThe nerve of some people.
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