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Natalie Portman's New Man Likes Walks in the Park

Nat and Nat
It looks like the romance between Natalie Portman and Nathan Bogle that was first snapped at the U.S. Open, has legs! Literally — the pair were seen walking hand-in-hand through Central Park today, and damned if they weren't caught by the paparazzi. Bogle, the model-cum-designer-cum-boyfriend (he used to design for Rag & Bone), is quite the looker, so kudos to Portman. According to JustJared.com, they've actually been dating for four months! We can only hope that photo-stalking of them remains at a minimum, so they stay in New York rather than decamp to Los Angeles where their every Starbucks will be dissected. Nothing would thrill us more than to see the couple out and about together in the West Village and not acknowledge them. Nathan Bogle and Natalie Portman Holding Hands [JustJared]

Lure Fishbar's Scallop Appetizer Makes the End of Summer Edible

Lure Fishbar is rarely on anyone’s list of the city’s top seafood restaurants, and we always wondered why not. Chef Josh Capon’s end-of-summer appetizer of scallops and slab bacon just reinforces Lure’s strengths. “Even at the worst catering event in the world, scallops and bacon are good. To me they’re just good eating,” the salty chef says. “Our version is nothing too froufrou. But it’s a good plate, with a little bit of everything, and you should try to see if you can get it all in one bite.” Done and done. As always, mouse over the different elements to see them described in the chef’s own words.

‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner CJ on the Broccolini Backstory, and Why Hung's Food Is Soulless

Chris Jacobsen, a.k.a. CJ, got the boot on Top Chef last night, much to Adam Platt’s dismay, as well as the dismay of many viewers. The 6'10" former volleyball player from Venice Beach was an audience favorite for his unpretentious, self-effacing style, but now he’s back in the real world. We had a chance to talk with him about Hung, Howie, and why he thinks he has a shot with Padma Lakshmi.

Marc Jacobs Turns on American Fashion

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs goes bananas in Women's Wear Daily today, threatening to leave the country, berating the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and excoriating anyone who complained about his Monday fashion show beginning two hours late. "I don't really feel a part of the American fashion community," he spat to WWD editor Bridget Foley. "I really feel like an outsider, I think we all do, and we feel unloved here, so we want to go somewhere else."

It's Finally Fugging Over

The sky didn't fall, even when it opened. The VMAs landed smack in the middle of Fashion Week and threatened to rain on our stargazing parade, but in the end — after all the wailing, teeth-gnashing, and prophesies of doom — neither an awful awards show nor an actual deluge could spoil the celebrity turnout in the front rows. It's enough to make our Grinchy hearts grow three sizes. Or at least keep us smiling through the pain of our considerable blisters. Without further ado, here's a look at a few of the highlights:

Joseph Lewis Doesn't Play Bridge

FINANCE • Henry Kravis failed to come to terms with top banks on financing for his all-important $26 billion buyout of First Data, the first in over $300 billion worth of LBOs that the banks need to get off their books. Negotiations will be pushed back another week, but it's not looking good. [DealBook/NYT] • The new rumor on the Street is that Joseph Lewis, the billionaire British currency speculator, bought into Bear Stearns on the advice of longtime Bear broker Kurt Butenhoff. The previous rumor, that Lewis got the idea from CEO Jimmy Cayne while playing bridge, seems unlikely since Lewis doesn't even play bridge. [CNBC] • Thanks to their friends at NASA, the CEOs of Google can park their three private jets — including a huge Boeing 767 — just seven minutes away from the tech-giants headquarters. Something tells us no Manhattan CEO's helicopter perks will beat that. [NYT]

Giuliani Team Can't Quite Dismiss Defection of Former Campaign Manager

Fran Reiter
Buried on page ten of the Post today is the news that Fran Reiter, one of Rudy Giuliani's mayoral campaign managers (and later his deputy mayor) has switched allegiances and now supports Hillary Clinton. "[Rudy] took a political turn to the right — clearly. It's a much more ideological agenda," said Reiter, who adds that back when he was mayor, he was "terrific to work for." But, she says, he's recently backed away from "the progressive views he took" back then. Confronted with such obvious human evidence of Rudy's political flip-flops, his current spokesperson retorted, "we'll trade Fran Reiter for Louis Freeh any time." Oh, snap! Freeh was Bill Clinton's FBI director, who now supports Giuliani. The statement was deft enough to evade examination by the Post, but we have to wonder about the false parallel. Freeh worked for Bill Clinton, not Hillary. Hill has been making some clear departures from his legacy lately — making it clear she doesn't mean to be the same president. But Fran Reiter's point is that Rudy now is a different person from Rudy ten years ago — a much more sticky issue. One that the campaign has been trying to ignore. (Then again, we do sort of see the Giuliani spokesman's point. We'd probably rather have Freeh too — he's a total DILF!) Former Giuliani Aide Flips to Team Clinton [NYP]

The Phantom IHOP of Midtown West

The coverage of the IHOP that may be coming to Times Square and is definitely coming to Brooklyn neglects to mention a great mystery. Search for IHOP in the Yahoo white pages (and on Citysearch and various other sites) and along with the one in Harlem you’ll find a listing on 240 W. 35th Street. We know this because we tried to go there once and instead of being greeted by a Rooty Tooty Fresh ’N Fruity we found, of all things, the International Food House and Buffet, an all-you-can-eat Latin spot where there’s salsa dancing at night.

Is Guy Trebay Partaking in "the Chic of Drug Abuse?"

Guy Trebay
We are big fans of New York Times' Guy Trebay, and we especially like it when, every once and a while, he goes and totally loses his shit, as he does in today's Thursday Styles. In what is probably the best story we have read in that section ever, Trebay goes backstage at the Marc Jacobs show and casually yet charmingly shivs all of the celebrities and hangers-on there — Courtney Love, Lady Bunny, Padma Lakshmi, John Currin, etc. — right off the bat, by referring to them in the first paragraph as high school losers who have "avenged themselves on the Heathers of the world by becoming famous for something, sort of." (Which is totally true by the way, but then, what does that make reporters?) It gets better from there.

Foxy Brown Giving Birth to Album, Not Baby

Foxy Brown
One suspects that Foxy Brown's lawyers were attempting to invoke the Nicole Richie Sympathy Clause back in August when they claimed that the rapper, who faces a year in jail after breaking her probation, was three months pregnant. Silly lawyers, that doesn't work for black people! When it became clear the judge was not about to reduce Foxy's sentence for hitting a woman with a cell phone and violating probation, among other things, her manager changed his tune: She'll be giving birth to a new album in prison, he clarified yesterday, not a baby. Brooklyn's Don Diva, her first album since 2001, will come out in November. Don't serve the time, Fox, let the time serve you. Manager Says Foxy Brown Not Pregnant [AP]

Alex Kuczynski Has a Smart Brother

A drunk Justin Long spilled soup on himself twice at Veselka, and then fell for the old beer as "stain remover" trick. The Observer tried to hire event planner Elli Frank to help throw some upcoming parties, despite the fact that the paper referred to her as a "madam" three years ago. James Frey sold a book (this time a novel) to HarperCollins. John-Michael Kuczynski, brother of plastic surgery maven Alex Kuczynski, wrote a book titled "Conceptual Atomism and the Computional Theory of Mind." Retired Giant Tiki Barber attended a book party celebrating the memoir "I Dream of Blue," where coach Tom Coughlin was the butt of some playful ribbing. Knopf editor and Gabriel Garcia Marquez champion Ashbel Green is retiring at the age of 80.

Ten Things We Loved This Week

And so it comes to an end, with editors collapsing with relief and models eating with glee. But what really stood out? Our own Harriet and Amy proudly (and exhaustedly, no doubt) present their picks. 1. Proenza Schouler's polish was a thrilling finish to the day: everything short, stylish, and belted. Particular favorite: exit No. 2.