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Indian Point

  1. Indian Point, the Nuclear Plant About 30 Miles From NYC, Will Close in 2021The facility generates a quarter of NYC’s power — all carbon-free.
  2. Indian Point Leaked (a Non-Dangerous Amount of) Tritium Into the GroundwaterNothing to see here.
  3. Don’t Worry About That Nuclear Power Plant Fire According to officials.
  4. Rudy Giuliani for Hire: How ‘America’s Mayor’ Makes Money These DaysHe’s in a new commercial for the nuclear power plant Indian Point, for one.
  5. Indian Point Needs a Spokesman to Offset Negative PressSo they called Rudy Giuliani.
  6. Indian Point, By the Way, Also Provides a Lot of Clean ElectricityA new report reminds us of the downsides of shutting down the nuclear reactors.
  7. Cuomo Says No Nukes, and Means ItHe looks serious about closing the Indian Point power plant.
  8. How Not to Run Meeting When You’re in Charge of a Nuclear Power PlantBy the way, we’re all gonna die!”
  9. With Japan in Crisis, Cuomo Renews Calls to Close Indian PointAfter years of opposition, Cuomo finally has his moment.
  10. The Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America Is About 30 Miles From New York City [Updated: Cuomo Reacts]Indian Point in Westchester is the most likely to be damaged by an earthquake. Great.
  11. At Least They Didn’t Light Up a Fatty Next to the Core ReactorReally? We mean, really? Two security guards at the Indian Point nuclear-power facility were put on paid leave this weekend for coming to work with cocaine in their systems