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  1. infographics
    Where Are All the Working-Class Sitcoms? Here’s a TimelineFrom The Flintstones to Atlanta.
  2. infographics
    The 2018 Network Pilot Season Shows Considerable Gains for Women DirectorsThis year, 19 women are directing 24 out of 75 pilots; by comparison, last year, women directed six of 70 pilots.
  3. infographics
    The Entire History of Diversity at the Emmy AwardsFor actors of color, some categories are better than others.
  4. infographics
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Boyhood is mansplaining? How much of Theory of Everything is Lost? And more.
  5. infographics
    A Visual History of Oscar Best Actress Winners’ Gowns Since 1929 And one lone jumpsuit.
  6. infographics
    Infographic: A Look at the New $100 BillLearn about the bill’s new features, but not really, because we made them up. 
  7. weddings!
    New York Times Wedding Announcements, Charted by the YearsMeet the man behind Wedding Crunchers.
  8. clickables
    Peruse an Enlightening Walking Dead InfographicDaryl keeps his crossbow when shooting finishes.
  9. Read an Infographic Detailing the N-Word Count in Quentin Tarantino MoviesDjango wins, to no one’s surprise.
  10. Read a Geeks-Versus-Nerds InfographicBut what would Zack Morris say?
  11. christmas movies
    Read an Infographic About the Top-Grossing Christmas Movies Since 1980Reminder: Tim Allen is loaded.
  12. infographics
    Quentin Tarantino’s Films As InfographicsKill Bill’s Buck as a pie chart, Jackie Brown’s Ordell as a bar graph, and more.
  13. the hobbit
    So How Much Would the Hobbit’s House Cost?But Bilbo ain’t selling.
  14. Read an Infographic About Big BoiIt’s been six years since Idlewild. Feel old yet?
  15. mad men
    Read an Infographic Measuring How Much Mad Men Characters DrinkCocktails by number.
  16. How Many Errors Can You Spot in This Celebrity Pregnancy Infographic?Baby bump madness may cause delusion.
  17. Infographic Details Which Studios Own What Film FranchisesJust so you know.
  18. james bond
    Read a ‘Nymphographic’ Detailing James Bond’s Sexual ConquestsSuffice it to say, dude is knee-deep.
  19. the office
    Exclusive: Meet Your New Office Characters in an InfographicSorry, but we still miss Michael Scott.
  20. the walking dead
    Walking Dead Infographic Tracks Weapon and Kill StatsThat’s a lot of dead undead.
  21. How-Tos
    Knife Skills at a GlanceThis handy infographic breaks down knife styles and anatomy, chopping techniques, and more.
  22. infographics
    Graphing Icona Pop’s Very Fun Iconic EPGraphing is fun.
  23. james bond
    James Bond Infographic Measures ‘Booze, Bonks, and Bodies’Everyone died!
  24. the big bang theory
    Infographic About All Sheldon’s ShirtsNo text allowed!
  25. infographics
    Ten Classic 30 Rock Jokes, Retold As InfographicsSee when you should wear a tux.
  26. american idol
    Read a Mariah vs. Nicki InfographicVH1 Divas producers, eat your hearts out.
  27. star trek
    Read an Infographic Detailing Ten Interesting Facts About Star TrekSo, Scotty was a badass!
  28. batman
    Read an Infographic That Attempts to Explain the Physics of BatmanHoly infographic, Batman!
  29. infographics
    Read an Infographic Illustrating Movie Genre RecipesMakes sense.
  30. nickelodeon
    Read an Infographic to Find Out Which Nineties Nickelodeon Character You AreBecause it’s a BuzzFeed type of day.
  31. the hobbit
    Read an Infographic About The Hobbit RevenueFantasy comes at a price.
  32. iron man
    Read an Infographic Explaining the Cost of Being Iron ManThat’s a lot of money.
  33. lawless
    See a Lawless-Inspired Infographic About MoonshineMoonshia LaBeouf!
  34. dark knight rises
    Read an Infographic Detailing the Evolution of Batman VillainsIt’s really been a rough go for Catwoman, huh?
  35. batman
    Read an Extensive Batman InfographicBut where’s Michael Caine?
  36. mad men
    Read an Infographic Detailing Mad Men SalariesPete Campbell might want to rethink the whole baby thing.
  37. vampire hunters
    See an Infograph Detailing Vampire Hunters in FilmBuffy FTW!
  38. ray bradbury
    Read an Infographic of Ray Bradbury’s PredictionsRemember Virtual Reality?
  39. star wars
    Read an Infographic Detailing Star Wars Revenue Throughout Our GalaxyChewbacca’s laughing all the way to the bank.
  40. inception
    Explore an Interactive Infographic That Attempts to Explain InceptionBetter late than never.
  41. infographics
    Read an Infographic That Teaches You How a Book Is BornYou still have a chance!
  42. james bond
    Check Out an Updated Bond Girl InfographicWhere Are They Now?: Bond Girls edition.
  43. pulp fiction
    Read a Chronologically Accurate Chart of Pulp FictionHow much do you remember?
  44. james bond
    Check Out a Bond Girls InfographicJones. Grace Jones (FTW).
  45. star wars
    Nineteen Things You Didn’t Know About Star WarsGeorge Lucas diagnosed with hypertension? Get outta here!
  46. skyfall
    Check Out an Infograph Detailing All the Vehicles Used in James Bond MoviesYou’re right, there was a hot-air balloon in Octopussy! Pub Trivia night just got so much more fun.
  47. infographics
    The Best Picture Nominees, As InfographicsMaking the Oscars more fun with line graphs and pie charts.
  48. infographics
    The Grammy Nominees for Best Record and Album, As InfographicsMaking the Grammys more fun with pie charts. 
  49. infographics
    Why ABC’s Body of Proof Looks So FamiliarA pie chart.
  50. clickables
    See a Handy Chart of Dexter’s Many VictimsSpoilers, obviously.
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