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  1. international politics
    Entire Nation of Australia in Uproar Over Sausage DramaA hardware store suggested Australians put their sausages on top of their onions. Many saw it as an attack.
  2. international intrigue
    Missing Interpol President Was Quietly Detained by ChinaIt took China three days to acknowledge that Meng Hongwei was not even missing, and Interpol now says he has resigned.
  3. international politics
    Why We Should Be Unsettled that Germany Is Debating Acquiring Nuclear WeaponsThe terms of the debate are disturbing, whatever route the German government decides to take.
  4. zut alors!
    This Cool Teen Sassed French President Emmanuel MacronMacron then scolded him and demanded, “call me Mr. President.”
  5. international politics
    Rob Reiner and a Few Good Men Are Investigating RussiaMorgan Freeman makes a cameo as president. Naturally.
  6. Could Donald Trump Stumble Into Nuclear War With North Korea?A standoff with no good options is made worse by the unpredictability of Kim Jong-un — and the American president.
  7. Emmanuel Macron Is on Pace to Pull Off Another Historic LandslideHis one-year-old centrist party is poised to win an unlikely majority in France’s parliament, bolstering his presidential mandate.
  8. Emmanuel Macron Hires Center-Right Mayor As His New Prime MinisterMacron is trying to build broad support from moderates on both the left and the right.
  9. international politics
    What the New Liberal South Korean President Might Mean for U.S. RelationsMoon Jae-in’s victory could change the dynamic when it comes to how Washington wants to deal with North Korea.
  10. Trump Says Assad Chemical Attack Crosses ‘Many, Many Lines, Beyond Red Lines’The president didn’t offer specifics, but U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley railed against Russia, signaling the possibility of U.S. action.
  11. international politics
    Israel’s Labor Party Forced to Move Election Because of Britney Spears Concert(She Drives Them) Crazy.
  12. international affairs
    China Will Return Seized Research Drone, But Trump Says They Should Keep ItHe had originally called the incident an “unpresidented” act.
  13. François Hollande Will Not Seek Another Term As PresidentThe very unpopular current president acknowledged the “risks” of his running in the face of a conservative and right-wing surge.
  14. Roadside Bomb in Syria Kills U.S. Service MemberThe first member of the American military to die in Syria since the U.S. deployed Special Operations Forces last year to defeat ISIS.
  15. international politics
    UN Staffers Protest Wonder Woman As Ambassador More than 600 staffers have signed a petition, and others engaged in a silent protest.
  16. international politics
    The Time Ed Koch Faced Down a South American Assassination Threat AloneBy Uruguayan intelligence forces.
  17. the other riri
    North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol-ju Officially No Longer GroundedShe’s allowed out of the house to go to the big game with husband Kim Jong-un.