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  1. vision 2020
    Harris and Booker Lagging in Must-Win South CarolinaThe two major African-American candidates in the Democratic primary are struggling to chip away at Biden’s strong support from black voters.
  2. vision 2020
    Jimmy Carter Is Emerging As a Role Model in the 2020 PrimariesNot only is his name no longer a political slur, Democratic candidates are actively trying to emulate him.
  3. vision 2020
    The Iowa Caucuses Aren’t Going Anywhere. Get Used to It.Complaints about Iowa’s unfair influence tend to miss that it’s already ceded a bit of power, and creating a new system is exceedingly difficult.
  4. vision 2020
    Warren and Buttigieg Are Gaining Ground in IowaThe gold-standard Iowa Poll by Ann Selzer shows support for Biden and Sanders weakening, and two clear tiers emerging below them.
  5. vision 2020
    Two More Long Shots, Bullock and Bennet, to Join Vast 2020 Presidential FieldTwo moderate Westerners with solid résumés but little national name ID are joining the already 20-strong field, with no clear path to victory.
  6. vision 2020
    The ‘Biden Bounce’ and Warren Surge Are Challenges for Bernie SandersSanders is in danger of losing his co-front-runner status as Biden gains strength, while Warren moves up on the left.
  7. vision 2020
    Biden’s Strategy for Winning the 2020 Nomination: No Early StumblesBiden can campaign as a unity candidate, or as the leader of a “moderate” faction. But he has no margin of error.
  8. vision 2020
    Warren Unveils Proposal to Bust Up Big Agribusiness CorporationsWarren is one urban Democrat who’s coming to Iowa with a very specific and controversial platform on agriculture.
  9. vision 2020
    Beto’s Cool, But Can He Win a Presidential Nomination?If O’Rourke can pass some early tests, his fundraising chops and his ability to mobilize young and Latino voters could make him formidable.
  10. 2020 presidential election
    Bill de Blasio’s Lost WeekendThe mayor returned to Iowa as part of his public consideration of a presidential run, and struggled with weather, logistics, and small audiences.
  11. 2020 presidential election
    There’s a New, Improved Iowa Democratic CaucusThe new rules make it possible to participate by a “virtual caucus” and require an actual straw poll of all caucus participants.
  12. 2020 presidential election
    Report: Likely Presidential Candidate Klobuchar Mistreated Her StaffDo rumors about her conduct toward staff reflect sexist double standards, or evidence that’s she not so Minnesota Nice?
  13. 2020 presidential election
    Kamala Harris’s 2020 Launch Creates Nice Polling BuzzThe Californian is off to a good initial start in what will be a tough 2020 contest.
  14. 2020 elections
    Is the 2020 Dem Presidential Field Finally Shrinking Rather Than Expanding?Tom Steyer’s withdrawal is a good sign that everybody in America isn’t running to face Donald Trump.
  15. 2020 elections
    6 Reasons Bernie Sanders Has Lost His 2016 MojoSanders isn’t as unique as he was in 2016, but he is four years older and can’t get away with any mistakes.
  16. 2020 elections
    Beto Is No Longer Ruling Out a 2020 Presidential RunThe Texas political phenom removes one obstacle to an increasingly feasible challenge to Donald Trump.
  17. 2020 elections
    With Mixed Feelings, Iowa Democrats Look Forward to Their 2020 CaucusesIowa Democrats have suffered two rough election years, but that adversity could help the state produce a Trump-ready nominee in 2020.
  18. 2020 election
    Kamala Harris Updates Obama’s Winning Strategy for 2020Twelve years after Obama’s breakthrough, it’s unclear Harris can emulate it given a giant field and polarized politics.
  19. Here’s a 2020 Biden Strategy: Stay Home, Joe!Joe Biden’s mulling a lot of unusual strategies for 2020. He might just want to stay home and hope for a draft.
  20. Sanders-Clinton Commission Agrees on Changes to Make the Primaries More OpenIt’s just one step toward unity, but fewer superdelegates, more oversight of the DNC, and less convoluted Iowa caucuses could help.
  21. De Blasio Reportedly Considering a Presidential Run (Don’t Do It, Bill)Like all New York mayors, he can’t help seeing a future POTUS in the mirror. But there’s no reason to think voters will agree.
  22. God Help Us, Iowa’s 2020 Presidential Contest Is Already UnderwayEver-anxious about their first-in-the-nation status yet happy to leverage it, Iowans lean into another caucus cycle.
  23. Iowa Newspaper Wants Democratic Caucuses AuditedIt’s unclear what will crawl out of the debris if every rock is upturned in an inherently unruly process. 
  24. last night on late night
    You Bet a Post-Iowa Trump Made Late-Night RoundsJ for Jenius.
  25. last night on late night
    How Late Night Covered This Year’s Coin-Tossing, Popcorn-Chomping Iowa CaucusWhich was funnier: the coin toss, or the popcorn buckets filled with votes?
  26. Donald Trump Accuses Cruz of ‘Stealing’ Iowa, Calls for Caucus RedoLess than 48 hours after conceding to Ted Cruz, Trump has accused the Texas senator of “stealing” Monday’s election.
  27. Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Generation GapSanders’s under-30 voters in Iowa dwarfed Obama’s in 2008. But can that offset his other demographic weaknesses? And does this spell trouble for Clinton if she is the nominee?
  28. Donald Trump Celebrates Second-Place Finish With Bitter Tweet StormDonald Trump tweets that he feels flattered to have won second place, and that voters don’t appreciate him enough.
  29. the national circus
    Will Donald Trump Deflate Like a Big Fat Balloon After Losing in Iowa? Maybe, maybe not. But beware the narrative that Rubio is poised to take over the race.
  30. Bernie Sanders Won Iowa Because the Media Says He DidThe only thing truly at stake in Iowa is the media narrative it generates.
  31. iowa caucuses
    After a Breakout Performance in Iowa, Rubio Prepares to Take on TrumpOver the coming days, he’ll try to rally the Establishment and convince them to focus on the real enemy.
  32. early and often
    Liveblog: Dispatches From the Iowa CaucusesWatch the results come in with Daily Intelligencer.
  33. iowa caucuses
    What Hillary’s Slight Iowa Lead Means for the Democratic Race — If It HoldsThe fight may not be over, but she’s avoided two big back-to-back losses.
  34. The Democrats Effectively Tied in Iowa, But Sanders Won the FutureIn 2008, Obama won voters under 30 by 43 points. In 2016, Sanders won them by 70.
  35. jld wins
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Weighed In on the Caucuses and Is Clearly Already President Veep. Presidential candidate. She can have whatever she wants.
  36. Ted Cruz Tops Trump in IowaThe Donald has been trumped.
  37. Entrance Polls Predict Clinton and Trump Wins in IowaBut they are notoriously unreliable.
  38. Early Reports Suggest High Turnout at Iowa CaucusesIt could be a political revolution or just reporters’ imaginations.
  39. Trump Will Win Iowa If His Supporters Show UpFresh off another gaffe his supporters won’t care about, Trump heads toward a probable Iowa victory — if turnout is up.
  40. working on my fitness
    How Dare Ted Cruz Interrupt Precious Gym TimeYou’ve gotta get your cardio in no matter who’s using the gym.
  41. Late-Night Apocalypse With Ted CruzTed Cruz’s last pitch to Iowans had a feeling of grim, apocalyptic determination. 
  42. Final Poll Shows Sanders, Trump Winning in IowaIt all depends on turnout among first-time caucusgoers.
  43. iowa caucuses
    Bernie Sanders (Almost) Goes NegativeHe called Clinton’s emails a “serious issue,” but with Trump in the race, it’s hard to call that an attack.
  44. iowa caucuses
    Hillary Is Confident As She Prepares to Battle Bernie in IowaBacked by Bill and Chelsea on the eve of the caucus, the Clinton camp seems ready to move on.
  45. iowa caucuses
    Ready or Reeling, Campaigns Prepare to CaucusAs the frontrunners fire up their supporters and fine-tune their ground games, the also-rans face what may be their last hurrah.
  46. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Would ‘Strongly Consider’ Overturning Same-Sex MarriageHe had previously said that anybody still fighting the Supreme Court ruling was just playing politics.
  47. iowa caucuses
    Trump and Clinton Lead in Top Iowa PollThe establishment Republican surge just ain’t happening.
  48. No More Mr. Nice Bernie?To go negative, or not to go negative — that is the question facing the Bernie Sanders campaign.
  49. early and often
    NYMag Survey: Republican Voters Want ‘Testicular Fortitude’How 100 GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire see the world.
  50. The Two Big Obstacles to a Sanders Win in IowaIf the polls are tied, then Sanders is (probably) losing.
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