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  1. business
    Apple Has Completely Changed Up How It Reports iPhone Sales. Why?The world has changed a lot in the past ten years. The company has to find new ways to brag.
  2. i love my giant phone font
    Please Stop Mocking My Phone Font-Size Choices and Join Me in Easy-to-Read BlissEven if you have perfect vision, do yourself a favor and make the font bigger on your cell phone.
  3. in my experience
    I’m an iPhone User. My Friend Switched to Android and I Thought She Disappeared.She went silent in our iMessage group chat. Birthday wishes. Still no reply. Even after we realized Android was to blame, we never recovered.
  4. Petcube Hands-on: Is This Tricked-Out Smart Pet Gadget Worth the Money?There’s a remote-controlled laser pointer and a social network for pets baked in.
  5. tech boot camp
    Did You Know Your iPhone Now Comes With a GIF App?Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, comes with an app called Shortcuts, which makes it very easy to make GIFs on your phone.
  6. tech boot camp
    In My Humble Opinion, This Is the Single Best iPhone HackThe rare easy and useful hack.
  7. tech boot camp
    Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Camera With This Hidden FeatureDevelopers have unlocked a feature that allows users to capture every bit of information your iPhone camera is capable of.
  8. keep it like a fatsecret
    This Is Hands Down the Best Calorie Counter App, Except for Its NameWhat’s in a name? Quite a bit, it turns out.
  9. select all
    Just Clicking a Link Will Crash and Restart Your iPhoneA simple CSS-hack can instantly crash and restart your iPhone.
  10. select all
    Your iPhone Is Just Another Household Appliance NowWhy a newer, slightly faster smartphone really isn’t news anymore.
  11. select all
    Boy, This Year’s iPhones Sure Felt Like a Letdown, Huh?iPhone ennui.
  12. select all
    The Big Reasons Apple Is Putting Out a Big PhoneWhy Apple is going to put out a huge old honking phone.
  13. Sending This Text Message Could Crash Your Friend’s iPhoneA new Apple iOS bug is crashing phones and locking users out of messaging apps.
  14. Apple Is Under Investigation for iPhone SlowdownsThe DOJ and SEC are looking into it.
  15. Apple Will Replace Your iPhone Battery for $29 … But Only OnceIt was recently revealed that Apple secretly slows down the batteries in older iPhones.
  16. Apple Facing Huge Fines in French Probe Over Planned Obsolescence in iPhonesIf found guilty, Apple could face fines equaling 5 percent of its smartphone revenue in France.
  17. Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down iPhones With Old BatteriesIt’s also dropping the price on replacing the battery.
  18. Apple Faces Two Lawsuits Over Its Practice of Slowing Down Old iPhonesApple introduced a software update that made iPhones with aging batteries slower. Now it’s facing at least two lawsuits.
  19. Cockatiel Sings iPhone Ringtone to Get Owner’s AttentionBoth sad and impressive.
  20. Is Apple Slowing Down iPhones With Aging Batteries?If you’ve ever thought that your older iPhone got a lot slower after updating iOS, it may not be just in your head.
  21. selfie awareness
    8 Gadgets for Taking Better SelfiesBe your best Instagram self.
  22. The Best Stocking Stuffer Is This Supercheap, Superlong Phone ChargerA pack of two costs less than a movie ticket.
  23. select all
    Here’s What Happens If You Drop Your $1,000 iPhone XWarning: It isn’t pretty.
  24. There’s a Bizarre Autocorrect Bug on iPhones. Here’s How to Fix ItA strange bug in iOS is making it really tough to talk about yourself.
  25. The Best Cases for Your Shiny New iPhone XIf you just dropped $1,000 on a new iPhone X, you’re gonna need a case.
  26. FCC Asks Apple to Activate FM Radio Chip That Doesn’t ExistThe secret FM radio in your phone could save your life. If Apple will turn it on.
  27. Here’s How Apple’s All-Glass iPhones Fare When DroppedApple claimed its new iPhones would contain “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” It was wrong.
  28. It Doesn’t Look Like Anybody Lined Up to Buy an iPhone 8Congratulations to all 17 people who bought the new device.
  29. Apple’s New Face ID Makes ‘Animoji’ Possible▶️ In which Craig Federighi clucks like a chicken.
  30. What to Expect From Apple’s iPhone Event TomorrowThree new iPhones, a whole lot of updates, and the faint sound of all of your money leaving your savings account.
  31. The Best iPhone CasesFrom cases that’ll keep your phone charged all night to something that doesn’t look basic AF, we’ve got a phone case for everyone.
  32. Update Your iOS Now to Fix a Major Security FlawThis exploit allows anyone within Wi-Fi range to take complete control of your phone.
  33. The iPhone Colonized Our World (and Brains) in Just 10 YearsI thought, in 2007, the iPhone would be just a gaudy bauble for rich nerds. I was deeply wrong.
  34. select all
    The Coolest New Features in iOS 11From Apple’s version of Venmo to passwordless Wi-Fi.
  35. select all
    Apple Really, Really Doesn’t Want You to Text and Drive (Easily)They’ve introduced the new and oh-so-creatively named feature: Do Not Disturb While Driving
  36. politics
    Donald Trump Only Has One App on His iPhone. Guess What It Is.Just guess.
  37. select all
    You May Not Get Your Hands on an iPhone 8 Until 2018The iPhone 8 sounds extremely ambitious — and now extremely delayed.
  38. Why You’d Build an iPhone 6s From Scratch in ShenzhenSome assembly required.
  39. Apple Releases First-Ever Red iPhone and Some New iPads, TooThe first new Apple products of 2017.
  40. Your Date Is Probably (Definitely) Judging Your Android PhoneTurns out, iPhone owners are pretty picky about their date’s phones.
  41. select all
    The Beats X Prove Apple Has Nailed Wireless HeadphonesApple’s latest headphones beat AirPods in sound quality, and beat every other set of wireless headphones in reliability (if you’re using an iPhone).
  42. How Steve Jobs Faked His Way Through Unveiling the iPhoneTen years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world — and nobody at Apple was sure if the phone would survive the demo.
  43. This iPhone Contact Card Bug Will Brick Your Messages AppIf someone texts you a contact card out of the blue in the next few days, don’t open it.
  44. The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy May Have All-Screen Displays in 2017Nothing but screen in 2017.
  45. The New iPhone Keyboard Sounds Are the Best Thing About This YearThe new iOS might be a slowly improving mess. But one thing about it is perfect: the sounds the keyboard makes.
  46. This Short Video Will Freeze and Crash Your iPhone After You Watch ItIt’s like that VHS tape from The Ring, except for your phone.
  47. Kanye West Makes a Strangely Inspirational iPhone Lock ScreenLook at those perfectly positioned hands.
  48. T-Mobile: Don’t Update to iOS 10 Yet!The company is asking customers to not update for fear of losing all mobile connection to the carrier.
  49. How to Install iOS 10 Without Killing Your PhoneAlready bricked your iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
  50. Against the Jet-Black iPhoneNever opt for a glossy finish.
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