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  1. the national interest
    Trump Is Doing the Same Thing on Iran That George W. Bush Did on IraqPresident insists regional Middle East power is developing weapons of mass destruction, denies intelligence to the contrary.
  2. dynasties
    Beware the Bush Family Image-Rehab MachineLiberals developed a sweet spot for two presidents they once viewed as villains. Why?
  3. foreign policy
    Bolton Warns Iran There ‘Will Be Hell to Pay’In a bellicose speech in New York on the same day as Trump’s unilateralist address to the U.N., Bolton expressed his hatred of diplomacy.
  4. donald trump
    Lindsay Graham’s Latest Mission: Encouraging Trump’s Blood LustOnce part of the jolly, bipartisan Three Amigos, Graham is now very focused on feeding Trump’s most hawkish impulses.
  5. Paul Bremer Is Alive and Well and Teaching Skiing in VermontOne of the chief architects of the Iraq disaster doesn’t seem to have any regrets.
  6. Billy Graham Lived at the Crossroads of Faith and PowerAfter getting too close to Richard Nixon, Billy Graham stayed away from partisan politics. But his son Franklin Graham is up to his ears in it.
  7. Democrats Don’t Want Lieberman in Position to Surrender to Another GOP PresidentHis deferential behavior toward George W. Bush is not a good precedent for tangling with Donald Trump in an unfamiliar job.
  8. George W. Bush Not Thrilled by Behavior of Monster He Helped CreateThe former president speaks out against Trump’s attempts to curtail press freedom and Muslim immigration.
  9. Don’t Forget George W. Bush Had Authoritarian Tendencies, Too.After 9/11, Bush claimed imperial powers. The same forces that reined him in — including an energized opposition — may be needed soon.
  10. Trump’s Dangerous Ploy to Preemptively Blame His Opponents for Terror AttacksIt could misrepresent the causes for terrorist acts, and justify steps that endanger our security and civil liberties even further.
  11. Trump Wants to Make an Iraq War Architect One of His Top DiplomatsBut Establishment Republicans think the party needs to move on from the Bush years. (Which makes sense, considering the fact that nothing matters.)
  12. Here’s What Trump Has Actually Said About the Iraq War, From the BeginningLet’s check the receipts.
  13. America Has Spent Nearly $5 Trillion on Wars Since 9/11And we may be less safe now than before we made that investment.
  14. war games
    Report Says Britain Cited The Rock to Enter IraqThe report was commissioned in 2009.
  15. U.K. Report on Iraq: Friends Don’t Help Friends Launch Wars Built on Lies“I will be with you, whatever,” Tony Blair told George W. Bush about Iraq in 2002. The Chilcot Report argues that the “special relationship” does not require blind cooperation with bad ideas.
  16. visions of war
    What an Iraq Vet Sees in the Recent HBO War Documentary, Only the Dead Military culture as seen from the far shore of civilian world.
  17. the industry
    Amy Schumer Joins Miles Teller PTSD DramaIt’s an adaptation of David Finkel’s book.
  18. Donald Trump: Candidate of Peace?Trump’s newly revealed foreign-policy “doctrine” shows a marked skepticism of military intervention.
  19. movie reviews
    Of Men and War Depicts the Horror of PTSDThe film is a tapestry of despair, one defined by its persistence.
  20. the neocon con
    Ahmad Chalabi, Proponent of Iraq War and Existence of WMDs, Is DeadThe salesman of regime change.
  21. the bush dynasty
    Jeb Bush Cites His Last Name As a Foreign-Policy Qualification“Yes, I am a Bush,” he said Friday, insisting that would help him rebuild America’s standing in the world.
  22. the national circus
    Why GOP Presidential Candidates Can Never Give the Right Answer on Iraq2016 hopefuls Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio bungled their stances, a sign the party still isn’t ready to confront its decade-long denial on the lead-up to the war.
  23. Was the Iraq War a Crime or a Mistake? Yes.Republicans still won’t admit Bush lied us into war, and liberals are helping them get away with it.
  24. early and often
    Can Jeb Bush’s Campaign Survive the Specter of George W. Bush?After his weeklong Iraq flub, some predict it will buckle under the weight of his family baggage.
  25. Jon Stewart Interviews Judith Miller, and It Makes Him ‘Incredibly Sad’The Daily Show interview begins with Stewart saying, “So, so, so. … oh, boy.”
  26. horrible things
    U.S. Troops Were Injured by Old WMDs in Iraq, Which Doesn’t Mean Bush Was RightConservatives missed the point of the New York Times bombshell.
  27. international affairs
    Deaths of at Least 44 Sunni Prisoners Show Signs of Sectarian Violence in IraqThe men died when ISIS attacked a police station about 44 miles from Baghdad. 
  28. international affairs
    President Obama Might Send Special Forces to Help in IraqThe soldiers would “not officially be considered as combat troops.”
  29. international affairs
    Sunni Militants Capture Another City in IraqISIS took over Tel Afar on Monday morning.
  30. scary things
    ISIS Posts Grisly Photos of Mass Execution in IraqThe militant group claims to have killed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. 
  31. United States Sends Warships Closer to Iraq As ISIS Stalls Outside of BagdadAnd Iran’s president says that he is open to getting involved in the conflict. 
  32. iraq war
    Obama on Iraq: ‘We Can’t Do It for Them’The president said the U.S. will not send ground troops.
  33. international affairs
    America Seems Ready to Wade Into Iraq’s Growing Civil War — But on Whose Side?Clearly, ISIS is a nightmare. But on the other side is Iran.
  34. terrible things
    TMZ Reveals Photos of U.S. Troops Burning Dead Bodies in IraqThe images from 2004 come out just after Fallujah fell again to insurgents.
  35. law and order
    New York Police Using Armed Trucks From IraqThey’re especially popular in upstate New York.
  36. iraq war
    Who Is the Most and Least Sorry About Iraq War?Tony Blair is not sorry.
  37. celebrity deaths
    ‘Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf Dies at 78It’s been twenty years since he was a household name, but he was a big one.
  38. everybody loves a parade
    Should NYC Host a Ticker-Tape Parade for Iraq War Vets?And not just Super Bowl vets?
  39. neighborhood news
    Pentagon Worried About Potential Iraq War Parade in NYCCelebrating could be dangerous.
  40. iraq exit
    Last U.S. Convoy Crossed From Iraq Into Kuwait at Daybreak TodayAround 100 armored vehicles carrying 500 Fort Hood–based soldiers.
  41. media
    Iraq Massacre Retold Through Journalist’s Junkyard DiscoveryA reporter happened upon classified military documents just before they were going to be burned.
  42. war is over
    Iraq War Officially Ends, But Without Much CheeringA ceremony in Baghdad today was “muted.”
  43. 2012
    Obama Celebrates End of Iraq War, Campaigns at Fort BraggNorth Carolina could be crucial to the president’s reelection hopes.
  44. iraq war
    U.S. to Remove Troops From Iraq by the End of the Year“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over.”
  45. ink-stained wretches
    Bill Keller Still Struggling With Iraq War ‘Unfinished Business’No longer the executive editor, Keller expounds on life as a liberal war hawk.
  46. iraq war
    Defector Admits WMD Tales Used to Justify War in Iraq Were a LieDecoding the Bush administration.
  47. cable news
    Talk Box: McConnell’s Earmark Flip Encourages at Least One LiberalBut Rachel Maddow is happy to point out his George W. Bush problem.
  48. loose lips
    Pentagon Gets Ready to Warn Iraqis Mentioned in New WikiLeaks DumpThe military braces itself for the expected release of 400,000 new documents.
  49. wikileaks
    WikiLeaks, the Sequel: Impending Iraq War Leaks Will Be Five Times As Big As the Ones on Afghanistan400,000 secret reports on the Iraq War could be released as soon as next week.