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  1. ireland
    Ireland Will Offer Abortions for Free, Official SaysHealth Minister Simon Harris says he doesn’t “want cost to be a barrier.”
  2. ireland abortion referendum
    Behind the Push to Name Ireland’s Abortion Legislation ‘Savita’s Law’“We have one last request, that the new law, that it is called ‘Savita’s law.’”
  3. women's rights
    Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize AbortionOne of the world’s most restrictive abortion bans is no more, following a landslide vote for repeal in Ireland.
  4. Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize AbortionOne of the world’s most restrictive abortion bans is no more, following a landslide vote for repeal in Ireland.
  5. abortion rights
    Irish Exit Poll Projects Abortion Ban RepealBy a landslide.
  6. abortion rights
    Everything to Know About Ireland’s Historic Abortion ReferendumOn Friday, citizens will be voting at long last on whether to repeal their country’s ultrarestrictive abortion law.
  7. diplomacy
    Here’s Why Trump Had a Bunch of Leafy Greens in His PocketYes, it was intentional.
  8. sláinte
    What It’s Like Living in the Town Where Viagra Is Made“One whiff and you’re stiff.”
  9. Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Still Wallops IrelandThe most powerful storm to ever form this far northeast in the Atlantic is now a post-tropical storm that’s packing powerful wind gusts.
  10. This Year’s Latest Major Hurricane, Ophelia, Is Headed for IrelandThe 2017 hurricane season just keeps getting crazier.
  11. bragging rights
    Sean Spicer Says He’s ‘One of the Most Popular Guys in Ireland’Spicey’s fame might be getting to his head.
  12. sex diaries
    The Long Island Woman Who Finds American Men BoringThis week’s sex diary.
  13. Online Abortion Services May Be Safe for Women in Certain Areas, Study SaysA study found that this may be a good option for women in countries with restrictive abortion laws.
  14. the chain gang
    Irish Burger Chain Says McDonald’s Is Hoarding Trademarks That Start With ‘Mc’Supermac’s contends that soon “any McGrath, McCarthy, or McDermott with a business idea” could get a cease-and-desist.
  15. world wide woman
    These Irish Politicians Have Strong Feelings About BeyoncéIrish politicians are more familiar with Bey’s catalog than supposed superfan Karlie Kloss.
  16. This Country Compensated a Woman Who Had to Travel to Get an AbortionShe had to travel to avoid Ireland’s strict anti-abortion laws.
  17. big tips
    Diner Tips Irish Server $750 So He Can Fly Home to See His Family“My initial reaction was shouting, ‘Holy s—!’”
  18. marketing fails
    Sprite Releases ‘Brutally Refreshing’ Ads That End Up Just Being MisogynisticSome of the winning lines include “She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo” and “A 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2!”
  19. shmashmortion
    Ireland’s Abortion Ban Is Cruel, Inhuman, and Discriminatory, Says U.N.A United Nations panel says the ban violated an Irish woman’s human rights.
  20. Surprise!
    Kid Scores Bag of Crystal Meth As His Kinder Egg SurpriseThis definitely wasn’t the Breaking Bad–themed edition.
  21. Rape Victims May Finally Be Able to Access Abortions in Northern IrelandA high-court judge ruled that Northern Ireland’s ban on abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, or fatal fetal abnormalities, violates the European Convention on Human Rights.
  22. Ireland Celebrates First Same-Sex MarriagesIt really is so nice to have the full marriage, and I’m every bit as emotional.” 
  23. Discrimination
    A Restaurant Allegedly Booted a Gay Couple on Their Anniversary forCustomers reportedly complained that their hand-holding was “disgusting.”
  24. What Does Ireland’s Same-Sex-Marriage Vote Mean for the U.S.?The Irish vote recast the country’s relationship with the Catholic Church. Will America be able to do the same with the religious right?
  25. awesome things
    Ireland Votes to Legalize Same-Sex MarriageBy an overwhelming majority, Irish voters have made their country the first in history to achieve marriage equality through popular mandate.
  26. Beef
    European Beef Is Back in America After a 16-Year BanIreland will be the continent’s first exporter since the outbreak of mad cow disease.
  27. Kim Was Really Bored in IrelandLilts and mountain biking did not charm her.
  28. wedded bliss
    Everything You Need to Know About the Place Kimye Are HoneymooningA local explains Cork.
  29. Unsafe at Any Speed
    Approval of Irish Village’s ‘Tipsy Driving’ Plan Drives SomePubs are endangered. So let’s let ‘em bend the rules a little?
  30. terrible
    Woman’s Death Sparks Abortion Debate in IrelandOfficials confirm that Savita Halappanavar died because she was refused an abortion. 
  31. Bill Clinton Could Be President Again, Just Not in AmericaBienvenue, Monsieur le Président!
  32. If You Owe More on Your House Than It’s Worth (and Live in Ireland), You May Be in LuckGovernment there plans to pay off some mortgage debt … should we do the same?
  33. Icelandic Volcanoes Hate President ObamaThey’re changing his travel plans for the second year in a row.
  34. World’s Most Indestructible Limo Halted in Its Tracks by Driveway Ramp [Updated]President Obama had some car trouble in Ireland.
  35. Irish Village of Moneygall Welcomes Hometown Hero, Barack ObamaThe town is in a tizzy for visit by a great-great-great grandson of one of its residents.
  36. Bomb Discovered in Ireland in Anticipation of Queen Elizabeth’s VisitBut that didn’t stop her!
  37. Beer Me
    Irish Scientists Make Guinness GreenerSubstituting microscopic plant fibers for nitrogen-laden plastic widgets is not only more environmentally sound, it’s also more cost effective.
  38. Irish Prime Minister Stepping Down As Leader of His Political PartyFollowing a $114 billion bailout.
  39. clickables
    Watch a Large, Drunk Puppet Stumble Around IrelandHis name is Arthur.
  40. Is Ireland Patient X for the Next Financial Contagion?Things don’t look good for Spain or Portugal.
  41. Ireland to E.U.: Look, We Never Asked for a Massive Bailout, But If You InsistPride versus financial solvency.
  42. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Robert Downey Jr.’s Advice for Charlie SheenPlus, Will Ferrell complains to Jimmy Kimmel about Justin Bieber’s ability to steal the spotlight from him at his own movie premiere, on our regular late-night roundup.
  43. Mediavore
    Jamie Oliver’s Food Fails with Kids; Comme Ca Opening in VegasWhen the Naked Chef cooked for a West Virginia school, kids stopped buying food, while David Myers sets his sights on Sin City.
  44. Joe Biden Killed the Irish Prime Minister’s MotherOnly for a second, though.
  45. Mediavore
    Bauer Seeks Silence; Economy Hits Irish Restos Hard
  46. Mediavore
    Michael Voltaggio Hits The Gulf; Costco Cuts CokeA Top Chef contestant cooks in Qatar and a famous soda gets canned at a major outlet.
  47. Mediavore
    Open Kitchens on the Rise; Another Bid for CadburyPlus: no Coke at Costco, and Chipotle hops the pond, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Conan O’Brien Will Be Drinking Diet Coke on Saint Patrick’s DayAt the American Ireland Fund’s St. Patrick Day party last night, Conan O’Brien picked up an Irish Spirit award for his work with the charity Labels Are for Jars. But as it turns out, the funnyman sadly isn’t stereotypically Irish. He didn’t even like fairies as a kid! “My only connection to Irish lore was through the breakfast cereal Lucky Charms,” said O’Brien. “And the Leprechaun horror movies. Leprechaun in the Hood!” But any self-respecting Irishman, leprechaun-loving or otherwise, should at least be able to put a few beers back every March 17, right? Not so for O’Brien. “I get very self-conscious around a lot of Italian men and African-American men pretending to be Irish,” said O’Brien. “Of course, on Saint Patrick’s Day someone like me just becomes an Irish piñata. ‘It’s Conan O’Brien — ARRRRRRR!!!’” The late-night host has had to deal with his fair share of drunken Irish fans — though the madness has calmed down with upped security budgets — and now chooses the “less obvious” holiday route. “I want to have a Diet Coke, eat some melba toast, and go to bed early. Pretty sexy, huh?” —Jocelyn Guest
  49. When Irish Eyes Are Buying We’re used to our Dublin friend’s many sisters hitting Fifth Avenue for weekend shopping trips — “because everything’s so affordable,” they say. Now it seems the Irish regard for Manhattan as a colossal bargain bin extends to real estate. The combination of the economic miracle known as the Celtic Tiger and the weak dollar has made for an entirely new class of condo buyer: the recreational Irish investor. Unlike the Saudis or Japanese, who tend to cause nativist paranoia every time they buy a trophy skyscraper or storied hotel, the Irish are keeping a somewhat low profile, with individual buyers partial to smallish apartments in unfinished high-rises; owning a pied-à-terre in Manhattan, apparently, is becoming a kind of upper-middle-class Dublin cliché. The Irish eye for real estate is even starting to figure into developers’ plans: Esplanade Capital, reports the Times, is planning to unload an entire 43-story condo onto a Dublin company that will then handle the unit-by-unit sales locally. Hey, they built this city, they may as well own it. An Irish Taste for Real Estate in Manhattan [NYT]
  50. Middle-Class Housing? In New York?! • Mayor Bloomberg announced the city is buying a 24-acre parcel of land in Long Island City on which to build middle-class housing. Jerry Speyer preemptively bids to buy it in 50 years and turn it into luxury condos. [NYS] • Con Ed technicians working at the ground-zero site yesterday discovered human remains and two wallets in an underground junction box that was allegedly searched years ago. Families groups, no doubt, are thrilled. [NYDN] • Now a handwriting expert says Brooke Astor’s signature on the 2004 codicil that bequeathed millions to her son was most likely forged. As if Astor family gatherings weren’t awkward enough lately. [NYT] • A job fair intended for Irish immigrants living illegally in the United States is instead drawing mostly Americans interested in working in Ireland, presumably seeking cheaper Guinness. [NYT] • Jeanine Pirro is trailing Andrew Cuomo by 21 points in attorney-general race, new polls show. Campaign strategists now seeking a scandal that will actually win her sympathy. [NYP] • Alas poor Mets. Sigh. [NYDN, NYP]