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  1. islamophobia
    Texas GOP Activists Fight to Purge Local Official Because He’s – Gasp – MuslimIf you feed people hate long enough, they can soon become hateful.
  2. last night on late night
    Netflix’s Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Netflix’s Bodyguard Over Islamophobia“Oh, to be white!”
  3. China Declared Islam a Contagious Disease — and Quarantined 1 Million MuslimsThe Chinese government has decided that Uighur Muslims “are infected by an ideological illness” and must be cured at concentration camps.
  4. flying while muslim
    Muslim Woman Forced to Show TSA Her Bloody Pad During Body SearchZainab Merchant says two TSA officials requested that she pull down her pants and underwear after a pat down.
  5. The Death and Afterlife of Stephon ClarkThe violence of police brutality can follow Black Muslim victims and their families beyond the grave.
  6. John Bolton and the Anti-Muslim Bigotry of Mainstream ConservatismBolton’s appointment is a reminder that American conservatives — from Donald Trump to Bret Stephens — find Islamophobia perfectly acceptable.
  7. A Fashion Designer and an Activist Talk Cultural AppropriationWhat is a designer responsible for, beyond the aesthetic of a collection?
  8. SCOTUS Gives Trump Administration Green Light on Travel Ban, for NowIt’s a great day for xenophobia.
  9. Sebastian Gorka Thinks That the Mosque Attack May Have Been a False FlagThis is why Trump hasn’t condemned the attack.
  10. FBI Searches for Suspects After Bombing of Minnesota MosqueNo one was injured in the Saturday-morning blast, which may have been a domestic terrorist attack.
  11. Conservatives Are Outraged a Women’s March Organizer Used the Term ‘Jihad’Conservative news outlets are accusing nonviolent Muslim activist Linda Sarsour of calling for a “holy war” against Trump.
  12. Did Bernie Sanders Embrace a ‘Religious Test’ for a Trump Nominee?A White House pick voiced a certain view of who is eligible for salvation. The Vermont senator considered that disqualifying.
  13. Portland Mourns Two Heroes Killed While Defending Teen Girls From Racist TiradeThe two men were stabbed to death after trying to stop a white supremacist from confronting two teens, one of whom was a Muslim wearing a hijab.
  14. Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia Was More Obama Than BannonCompared to his campaigning, it was a blatant flip-flop. Will his supporters who bashed Hillary Clinton for being “soft” on terrorism forgive him?
  15. Migrants Faced More Than 3,500 Attacks in Germany Last Year: ReportGermany’s immigrant population has become the target of a growing number of hate crimes.
  16. language
    Trump’s New National Security Adviser Pans the Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’H.R. McMaster reportedly said that the conservative catchphrase is unhelpful since Muslim terrorists are “un-Islamic.”
  17. Report: Muhammad Ali Jr. Was Detained at Airport, Asked If MuslimThe boxing legend’s family is considering a lawsuit over the incident.
  18. racial profiling
    Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Racially Profiled for Wearing a Headscarf“How would another woman who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel?”
  19. racial profiling
    Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Racially Profiled for Wearing a Headscarf“How would another woman who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel?”
  20. Michael Flynn’s Resignation Is the Best News of the Trump Presidency So FarThe Trump administration just lost its most dangerous Islamophobic conspiracy theorist.
  21. Giuliani Says Travel Ban Was Legal Way to Enact Trump’s Muslim BanTrump apparently asked Giuliani to come up with the “right way” to implement an illegal Muslim ban, and the travel ban was the proposed solution.
  22. islamophobia
    Man Charged With Hate Crimes After Attacking JFK Airport Worker in HijabHe reportedly said, “Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you.”
  23. Obama Is Dismantling a Visitor-Tracking Program That Targets MuslimsThe timing would suggest he’s not eager to let it fall into his successor’s hands.
  24. islamophobia
    NYC Muslim Woman Who Said She Was Harassed by Trump Fans Reportedly Made It UpThe NYPD is expected to charge her with filing a false report.
  25. Why the Christian Right Shares Trump’s Affection for PutinThe president-elect might admire him as an authoritarian tough guy, but many Evangelical leaders see him as an ideological ally.
  26. islamophobia
    State Rep Withdraws Proposed Bill That Would Make Wearing the Hijab IllegalThis would be an update to Georgia’s existing anti-masking law.
  27. Hate Crimes Against Muslims Increased by 67 Percent Last YearIn 2015, hate crimes against Muslims reached their highest levels since the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, according to new FBI data.
  28. islamophobia
    Woman Details Terrifying Anti-Muslim Experience on NYC Bus“I was sitting there trembling, bawling, unable to speak or move.”
  29. islamophobia
    Why Muslims Can’t Become an ‘Invisible Minority’ After Trump’s Win “The biggest weapon Donald Trump has right now is misinformation.”
  30. Clinton: Trump’s Rhetoric Gives Aid and Comfort to Our EnemiesClinton accuses Trump of aiding ISIS with his intolerant rhetoric and calls on Silicon Valley to remove terrorist propaganda from the internet.
  31. Suspect Confesses to Setting Blaze at Florida Mosque Orlando Gunman AttendedJoseph Michael Schreiber expressed embarrassment over the crime and said he hadn’t intended to hurt anyone.
  32. Trump Responds to, and Brushes Off, Speech By Muslim Father of Fallen War HeroTrump also wondered if the Clinton campaign wrote Khizr Khan’s speech, and suggested his wife wasn’t allowed to speak because of their Muslim faith.
  33. The Father of an American Muslim War Hero Indicts Donald Trump’s PatriotismYou have sacrificed nothing! And no one!”
  34. islamophobes
    Aziz Ansari: Trump’s Islamophobia ‘Makes Me Scared for My Family’“It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray.”
  35. Trump Reiterates Support for the Racial Profiling of Muslim AmericansFresh off renewing his Muslim immigrant ban, Trump is turning the spotlight back on U.S. residents.
  36. Donald Trump to Republican Critics: ‘Don’t Talk’The GOP nominee tells supporters that Republican leaders “have to get tougher” — and if they disagree, they should “just be quiet.”
  37. Republicans Lose Faith in Teleprompter Trump Donald Trump’s post-Orlando jeremiad against Muslim immigration proved the GOP nominee can cause just as many headaches when he’s “on message.”
  38. Donald Trump Is Afraid of Muslim Judges, TooAre women judges next?
  39. Trump Has ‘No Doubt’ Refugees Will Stage a 9/11-Scale Attack in U.S.Because he can’t believe they have cell phones, so their monthly bills must be getting paid by ISIS.
  40. Trump: All My Policies Are Just ‘Suggestions’Everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say, it’s a suggestion,” Trump informed Fox & Friends Friday morning.
  41. Economist Profiled After Doing Math on PlaneThe Italian UPENN professor was on his way to give a talk on menu costs and price dispersion. 
  42. London Elects Its First Muslim MayorConservatives tried to gin up fear of Sadiq Khan’s religious background. It backfired.
  43. The Donald Says #NeverTrump Republicans Can Come Back ‘in 16 Years’On Wednesday morning, Trump said Hillary Clinton “should suffer,” Muslims are “destroying Europe,” and his haters can re-join the GOP when he’s no longer president … in 16 years.
  44. Discrimination
    Woman Says Café Booted Her for Being MuslimShe called it “a painful and embarrassing reminder” of what it’s like to wear a headscarf.
  45. Man Removed From Flight After Speaking ArabicThe 26-year-old Iraqi refugee was talking to his uncle on the phone about a dinner had had attended with the U.N. secretary-general.
  46. Obama to the Republican Party: You Created Trump’s Muslim BanHow did we get here? We got here in part because the Republican base had been fed this notion that Islam is inherently violent.”
  47. Ted Cruz Names Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist As Top Foreign-Policy AdviserFrank Gaffney believes the federal government is full of secret jihadists and that Barack Obama is probably a foreign-born Muslim.
  48. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Cites Bullets Dipped in Pigs’ Blood as Terrorism DeterrentHe was referencing a chain email hoax that started after 9/11.
  49. Trump Supporters in South Carolina Wish the Confederacy Had WonMany of his voters would also like to shut down all mosques and ban gay people from entering the country.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Teens Arrested for Hate-Crime Attack on Muslim Man in the BronxThe suspects had allegedly chanted “ISIS” as they beat a Bangladeshi man walking his niece home from school.
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