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  1. Trump Reiterates Support for the Racial Profiling of Muslim AmericansFresh off renewing his Muslim immigrant ban, Trump is turning the spotlight back on U.S. residents.
  2. Donald Trump to Republican Critics: ‘Don’t Talk’The GOP nominee tells supporters that Republican leaders “have to get tougher” — and if they disagree, they should “just be quiet.”
  3. Republicans Lose Faith in Teleprompter Trump Donald Trump’s post-Orlando jeremiad against Muslim immigration proved the GOP nominee can cause just as many headaches when he’s “on message.”
  4. Donald Trump Is Afraid of Muslim Judges, TooAre women judges next?
  5. Trump Has ‘No Doubt’ Refugees Will Stage a 9/11-Scale Attack in U.S.Because he can’t believe they have cell phones, so their monthly bills must be getting paid by ISIS.
  6. Trump: All My Policies Are Just ‘Suggestions’Everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say, it’s a suggestion,” Trump informed Fox & Friends Friday morning.
  7. Economist Profiled After Doing Math on PlaneThe Italian UPENN professor was on his way to give a talk on menu costs and price dispersion. 
  8. London Elects Its First Muslim MayorConservatives tried to gin up fear of Sadiq Khan’s religious background. It backfired.
  9. The Donald Says #NeverTrump Republicans Can Come Back ‘in 16 Years’On Wednesday morning, Trump said Hillary Clinton “should suffer,” Muslims are “destroying Europe,” and his haters can re-join the GOP when he’s no longer president … in 16 years.
  10. Discrimination
    Woman Says Café Booted Her for Being MuslimShe called it “a painful and embarrassing reminder” of what it’s like to wear a headscarf.
  11. Man Removed From Flight After Speaking ArabicThe 26-year-old Iraqi refugee was talking to his uncle on the phone about a dinner had had attended with the U.N. secretary-general.
  12. Obama to the Republican Party: You Created Trump’s Muslim BanHow did we get here? We got here in part because the Republican base had been fed this notion that Islam is inherently violent.”
  13. Ted Cruz Names Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist As Top Foreign-Policy AdviserFrank Gaffney believes the federal government is full of secret jihadists and that Barack Obama is probably a foreign-born Muslim.
  14. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Cites Bullets Dipped in Pigs’ Blood as Terrorism DeterrentHe was referencing a chain email hoax that started after 9/11.
  15. Trump Supporters in South Carolina Wish the Confederacy Had WonMany of his voters would also like to shut down all mosques and ban gay people from entering the country.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Teens Arrested for Hate-Crime Attack on Muslim Man in the BronxThe suspects had allegedly chanted “ISIS” as they beat a Bangladeshi man walking his niece home from school.
  17. Muslim Man Beaten in the Bronx by Ski-Masked Assailants Chanting ‘ISIS’The Bangladeshi man was assaulted while walking his 9-year-old niece home from school.
  18. Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Trump Rally After Standing in Silent ProtestShe was wearing a T-shirt that said “Salam, I come in peace.”
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    Dearborn Muslims Protested ISIS, and You Can Probably Guess What Happened NextThere seems to be no bottom to the internet’s deep well of fear over American Muslims.
  20. Hate Crime Investigations Opened in Vandalism of California MosquesWorshippers found a fake hand grenade on Sunday morning.
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    Commenters Who Think Paul Ryan’s a JihadistThis one’s pretty straightforward.
  22. Rash of Apparent Hate Crimes Strike New York’s Muslim CommunityThe latest incident happened at a restaurant near Herald Square.
  23. Congresswoman: Many Muslims Back TerrorismShe would have us believe there are as many as 320 million Islamic terrorists in the world.
  24. donald trump
    Survey Company: Trump Is Misusing Our SurveyThis was a very non-rigorous poll that blew up big time.
  25. Heavily Armed Texans Protest Imaginary ‘Sharia Law Court’Two months after mistaking Ahmed’s clock for bomb, citizens of Irving Texas mistook an Islamic mediation center for an illegal court.
  26. Trump Says He’d ‘Certainly’ Implement a System to Track Muslim AmericansIn other news, Ben Carson compares refugees to dogs and Ted Cruz still only wants to let in Christians.
  27. Ben Carson Doesn’t Think a Muslim Should Be PresidentI would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”
  28. islamophobia
    What You Need to Know About Pamela GellerShe says the shooting at her Muhammad art show proves her warnings about the “Islamization of America” were right.
  29. Two Men Killed in Texas After Opening Fire at Muhammad Cartoon ExhibitThey wounded a security officer before being gunned down by police.
  30. Texas Lawmaker Wants Muslim Lobbyists to Prove They Don’t Back ISISExcept she chose to display an Israeli flag, not an American one.
  31. Fox News Guest Sorry for Making Up Facts About Islamic Rule in England#FoxNewsFacts.
  32. Terrible People Attack Mosques After Paris ShootingBecause that’s the answer to terrorism.
  33. Subway Ad Won’t Feature ISIS Beheading James FoleyAfter a letter from his family.
  34. Anti-Muslim Activist Will Sue MTA Over Rejection of Hateful AdPamela Geller strikes again. 
  35. Arab-American Activist Attacked and Threatened With Beheading in BrooklynArab American Association of New York director Linda Sarsour shares her story.
  36. islamophobia
    Three Terrifying Moments in the History of ‘Allahu Akbar’One of them involves Larry Johnson. 
  37. the internet
    Walmart Manager Fired for Anti-Muslim FacebookNobody can take a joke, he says.
  38. Tennessee Official’s Awful Islamophobia DefenseI’m prejudiced against anyone who’s trying to tear down this country, Muslims, Mexicans, anybody.”
  39. 10 People Who Are Secret MuslimsPrince Charles? Hillary Clinton? Sure, yes.
  40. stand clear of the offensive ads
    New Anti-Muslim Subway Ads Aim to Win Over New Yorkers With 9/11 ImagesPlaced next to every clock in the system.
  41. How Innocence of Muslims Led to Violent ProtestsInnocence of Muslims was little known in America until it exploded in the Arab world.
  42. Wow, Terrible: Bacon EditionBacon was found at the site of a Muslim celebration on Staten Island.
  43. denis leary
    Watch Denis Leary’s Severely Offensive Charlie Brown Christmas ParodyMerry Christmas, creepy Islamophobes!
  44. bad apologies
    Lowe’s Sorry People Noticed Its IslamophobiaIt pulled its ads from All-American Muslim after a conservative Christian organization lobbied the chain to do so.
  45. Herman Cain Was Elated That Doctor Wasn’t MuslimThank God!” he said.
  46. American Jews Think Pretty Highly of American MuslimsMore than any other religious groups, Jews have the Muslims’ backs.
  47. Herman Cain Learned a Thing or Two About Muslims YesterdayAfter meeting with Muslim leaders, Cain has seen the error of his ways.
  48. Herman Cain Says ‘Hallowed Ground’ Is Wherever People Don’t Want a Mosque to BeCain continues to strive for new anti-Islam heights.
  49. Breaking: Herman Cain Is Suspicious of MuslimsHe’s trying to capture some of that sweet anti-mosque momentum.
  50. Herman Cain Is Open to Appointing a Muslim Person to Some Position in GovernmentSadly, this is a big step forward for Cain.
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