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  1. Trump Arrives in Israel, Seeking the ‘Ultimate Deal’“We just got back from the Middle East,” Trump informed the Israelis.
  2. Trump Reneges on Promise to Move Embassy to Jerusalem on Eve of Middle East TripLike his predecessors, Trump made the pledge while campaigning but backed off after taking office. At least he’s trying diplomacy.
  3. Israel Gave Trump the Classified Intelligence He Shared With Russia: ReportOy vey.
  4. David Friedman Relies on the ‘Hey, I Was Just Demagoguing ’ DefenseIn what is becoming a common Team Trump tactic, the nominee for ambassador to Israel says obnoxious remarks during the campaign should not matter now.
  5. Trump Throws Curveball at Bibi, Urging No ‘Unilateral’ Action on SettlementsNobody knows why, but a “senior administration official” is telling Israelis the boss still wants a two-state solution and no trouble on settlements.
  6. international affairs
    Truck Attack in Jerusalem Kills 4 Israeli SoldiersThe attacker drove into a busload of Israeli officer cadets who had stopped at a scenic overlook.
  7. The Democrats Are Not a Pro-Palestinian PartyBy allowing the U.N. to condemn Israeli settlements, Obama did not abandon the longstanding, bi-partisan consensus on Israel – he reaffirmed it.
  8. The GOP’s Bibi-Centric Foreign PolicyAs Republicans overreact to the U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements, their unconditional support for Netanyahu is a rare point of unity.
  9. Kerry Delivers Eulogy for the Two-State SolutionWith Israel on the brink of abandoning a decades-old point of agreement, the outgoing secretary of State defends it one last time.
  10. U.S. Does Not Veto U.N. Resolution Declaring Israeli Settlements IllegalNetanyahu and Trump could be setting the stage for abandonment of the two-state solution.
  11. Trump Picks Lawyer Who Likens Liberal Jews to ‘Kapos’ As Israel AmbassadorDavid Friedman says Jews who oppose the occupation of the West Bank are worse than those who aided the Nazis. He opposes the two-state solution.
  12. mashups
    Burger King Celebrates Hannukah With the ‘Miracle’ of a Whopper Doughnut BurgerThe chain admits this was “inevitable.”
  13. Keith Ellison Is Less ‘Pro-Israel’ Than the ADL. But He Isn’t Anti-Semitic.The Anti-Defamation League’s opposition to the would-be DNC chair is about policy, not bigotry.
  14. Attacking Free Speech Is the Wrong Way to Counter Campus Anti-SemitismA new bipartisan bill designed to respond to anti-Semitic hate has some seriously problematic components from a free-speech perspective.
  15. dumb ideas
    World One Step Closer to the Brink As Coke Introduces ‘Selfie Bottle’Who actually wants this?
  16. Obama Administration Says Netanyahu Broke Promise With New SettlementLast month, the United States pledged $38 billion in aid to the Israeli military.
  17. obits
    Former Israeli Leader Shimon Peres Dies at 93The Nobel Peace Prize winner was Israel’s last surviving founding father.
  18. early and often
    Trump Tells Netanyahu He Will Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s CapitalThe candidate met with the prime minister at Trump Tower on Sunday.
  19. Trump: America Needs to Racially Profile Muslims Like They Do in IsraelHe also predicted more attacks following the NYC bombing and congratulated himself for declaring it a bombing before the NYPD did.
  20. America Gives Israel a $38 Billion Gift Certificate for WeaponsThe Obama administration gives Israel the largest security aid package it has ever received.
  21. Hillary Clinton Does Impression of Pro-Trump ISIS Militant on Israeli TV“Please, Allah, make Trump president of America.”
  22. The Trump Campaign Has One Office in Florida — and Two in the West BankTrump may have a historically weak presence in the Sunshine State, but he’s well-staffed in the crucial swing district of Gush Etzion.
  23. Trump Is Considering a Pre-Convention Visit to IsraelJared Kushner and Sheldon Adelson would help organize the trip.
  24. Bernie Sanders’s Surprising Platform PriorityThe senator’s push for greater deference to Palestinian interests reflects his party’s growing generational divide over the Jewish State.
  25. How Donald Trump Got Tapped to Lead New York’s Israel Day ParadeHe now touts the 2004 event as one of his major foreign-policy credentials. His co-grand marshal was Dr. Ruth.
  26. Food Fights
    Jewish Leader Accuses Michelin of Being Anti-SemiticCritics call out the company for not having a guide to Israel.
  27. Herzog: We Must Not Be Seen As ‘Arab Lovers’The comment from Israel’s opposition leader illustrates the profound obstacles to peace in the region.
  28. early and often
    Sanders Campaign Suspends Jewish Outreach Coordinator Over Netanyahu CommentsShe called the Israeli prime minister “an arrogant, deceptive, cynical, manipulative asshole.”
  29. Biden Gives Iran a Stern Talking-to After New Round of Missile TestsInitial reports claimed the missiles were inscribed with the words “Israel must be wiped out from.”
  30. Trump Says He’ll Be Neutral in Middle EastRefusing to cozy up with Israel is a dangerous position to take with a lot of Evangelical-dominated southern primaries coming up. 
  31. National Review Calls Israel ‘a Barbaric Country’The fanatically anti-Zionist National Review has finally gone too far.
  32. Israeli Vulture Detained on Charges of EspionageAn Israeli vulture drifted into Lebanese airspace Tuesday.
  33. U.S. Criticizes Israel’s West Bank PoliciesThe ambassador also suggested that the expansion of West Bank settlement calls Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution into question.
  34. change of plans
    Trump Cancels Israel Trip, Optimistically Reschedules for When He Is PresidentThis happened after Netanyahu said he “rejects” Trump’s Muslim ban. 
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    J.Law Not Seen in Israeli Hunger Games PostersIsraeli movie posters don’t feature women, but of course men and fiery crowns are fine.
  36. Obama and Netanyahu Are Trying to Be Friends AgainThe president and the Israeli prime minister met face-to-face in the White House Monday.
  37. second comings
    Jesus Coming Soon, Says Michele BachmannThe former congresswoman says that with the Rapture rapidly approaching, it’s time to convert everyone, “even among the Jews.”
  38. history lessons
    Netanyahu Admits Holocaust Was Hitler’s IdeaThe Israeli prime minister had been widely condemned for suggesting the Final Solution was a Palestinian idea.
  39. harry potter
    J.K. Rowling Explains Israel Boycott Opposition“Unlike Harry, Dumbledore was not acting against his own nature when he chose to meet Snape on the hilltop.”
  40. Netanyahu Claims a Palestinian Leader Convinced Hitler to Exterminate the JewsThe Israeli prime minister declares that Hitler had only intended to “expel” the Jews. Then he met with the mufti of Jerusalem.
  41. dangerous field trips
    As de Blasio Leaves Israel, John Kerry Plans Meetings With Netanyahu and AbbasBill de Blasio said of the situation in Israel, “I think it’s important as an outsider to not claim to know more than I do.”
  42. united nations
    Abbas Issues Warning to Israel in U.N. Speech“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.”
  43. the national interest
    The Iran Deal and the End of the Israel LobbyThere is no more “Israel lobby”; there is a red Israel lobby and a blue one.
  44. Food Fights
    Israel Brazenly Renames Heinz Ketchup ‘Tomato Seasoning’The country’s Health Ministry says it doesn’t have enough tomato paste to qualify.
  45. united nations
    U.N. Accuses Israel and Palestinian Militants of Possible War Crimes in Gaza“The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come.”
  46. interview
    Talking to Dr. Ruth About Rape, Love, and the HolocaustHow being orphaned made her treasure love.
  47. Journeys
    McBirthright: The Pilgrimage Orthodox Jews Take to Finally Eat Their Very First“It’s a watershed moment in a kosher-eating person’s life.”
  48. elections
    Netanyahu Forms a New Coalition Government at the Last Possible MomentGiven the makeup of the new coalition, it doesn’t look like politics in Israel are about to become any easier. 
  49. Food Porn
    Enabling Restaurant Has Plates Specifically Designed to Make Food Look Better onOne even has a built-in stand for the phone.
  50. foreign affairs
    Can Israel and U.S. Repair Relations?It’s not the first time this “special relationship” has been on the rocks.
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