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    College Sex Is the Worst Sex, and That’s OkayModern students are sex-positive, highly educated, and as awkward as always.
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    What Happened to the Coming-Out Memoir?Two things: I stopped seeking them out, and the culture became more gay friendly.
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    New Mexico Governor Denied Haircut Because of Her Gay Marriage StanceSusana Martinez’s hairdresser turned her away.
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    Find Strength in Juanita Bartlett’s ‘It Gets Better’ VideoWho is Juanita Bartlett, and can she come to our holiday party?
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    Watch a Funny, Irreverent Look at Getting Tested for HIVJust in time for World AIDS Day, web series “It Gets Betterish” focuses on the always-nightmarish HIV testing.
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    Joe Zee Did an ‘It Gets Better’ VideoAw.
  7. ‘It Gets Better’ Teen Commits SuicideJamey Rodemeyer, 14, couldn’t take the bullying.
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    Watch Alexander Skarsgard’s ‘It Gets Better’ VideoHis ‘True Blood’ cohorts Alan Ball, Rutina Wesley, and Kristen Bauer also made videos.
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    See Google Chrome’s ‘It Gets Better’ VideoAnother “as told by the Internet” video.
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    Watch Pixar’s It Gets Better VideoLike ‘Up’ and ‘Toy Story 3,’ it may make you cry.
  11. The Better of the ‘It Gets Better’ ParodiesThe Daily Show’s It Gets Worse John McCain parody was a high point in political comedy for the week. Heck, maybe it’s the high point for the […]
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    Watch the Glee Bully’s ‘It Gets Better’ Video“You do not deserve to be bullied at all.”
  13. The Daily Show Mocks McCain with a Parody of It Gets BetterThe Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
  14. Cindy McCain Blames Gay Teen Suicides and Bullying on DADT, Her HusbandMrs. McCain is not shy about pointing the finger.
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    Patton Oswalt Aims His ‘It Gets Better’ Message at Bully Enablers“In someone’s memory — in many people’s memories — I’m a snickering, sneering asswipe … “
  16. Patton Oswalt Used to Be a Bully’s HenchmanPatton Oswalt wrote a response to the It Gets Better video project on his, uh, MySpace blog today. In it, he talks about how he avoided being […]
  17. President Obama Made an ‘It Gets Better’ VideoThank you, sir!
  18. Hey, Bros: It Gets WorseHere’s a great response to the thousands of It Gets Better videos, one from the other side of the bullying divide. Of course, this bro’s […]
  19. It Gets Better, From the UCB TheatreYou may be familiar with Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project at this point, but if not, you should check it out. In it, hundreds of LBGT adults […]