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  1. it just happened
    A Van Is on Fire Near the Flatiron BuildingHere are some photos and videos of that happening. 
  2. Stowaways Likely Inside Shipping Container in Port of Newark [Updated]Authorities are working to get them out. 
  3. Clothesless Man Jumps From Rockaway Railroad Trestle Into Frigid Jamaica BayPolice are looking for him now.
  4. Suspicious Packages Were a ‘Credible Terrorist Threat’They had explosives in there after all.
  5. Carly Fiorina HospitalizedShe has an infection, but she’ll be okay.
  6. it just happened
    Judge Strikes Down Obama’s Deepwater Drilling MoratoriumWhat a bad day for President Obama.
  7. Feds Raid Manhattan ‘Boiler Room’Thirteen arrested.
  8. Bomb Squad Investigates ‘Suspicious SUV’ Outside American Museum of Natural HistoryAnother day, another bomb scare.
  9. Staten Island Ferry Crash Injures 60Emergency crews are responding to the crash at the St. George Terminal.
  10. Surprise! Barack Obama Is in AfghanistanHe flew thirteen hours to lecture Hamid Karzai.
  11. It’s RioSouth America gets its first Olympics.
  12. ‘H1N1 Influenza Is Here’The takeaway from the CDC’s press conference about swine flu.
  13. Flaming Cab in Times SquareAnd we don’t mean flaming in a fun way.
  14. Garbage Truck Catches Fire on Manhattan BridgeScary! Also gross.
  15. Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara DiesThe legendary military man and former World Bank president was 93.
  16. Fake Rockefeller Found Guilty of Real KidnappingHe’s sentenced to six to eight years in prison.
  17. Stress-Test Results Are Here!More anticipated than the next ‘Twilight’ novel, more feared than ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ the ‘Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Overview of Results’ is FINALLY OUT.
  18. Obama Makes Pit Stop in BaghdadAccording to Politico, the president is currently making a surprise visit.
  19. Congress Taxes Back AIG BonusesPasses 90 percent tax on bonuses of AIG, others.
  20. Obama Announces Iraq WithdrawalAnd places a call to President Bush.
  21. We Love It When American Idol Judges Make Gay Jokes About Ryan SeacrestIt makes us feel less gay for watching it. And for getting so upset about why the contestants decided to wear THAT.
  22. Dalton Student Falls to Death Outside SchoolThe school has no comment yet, but police are investigating.
  23. President Obama Signs Stimulus BillLet the money flow!
  24. You Won’t Have Tom Daschle to Kick Around AnymoreDaschle withdraws his nomination for secretary of Health and Human Services after an outcry over his unpaid taxes.
  25. Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Senate BidBecause, you know, we were in a bidding war.
  26. Wall Street Journal Receives Envelopes Containing White Powder’At least 10’ envelopes arrived at the paper’s offices today, addressed to the paper’s executives, beginning a Day of Terror.
  27. Video: US Airways Flight 1549 Floats Down the HudsonWatch the video to get a better idea of just how cold it is today, and how fortunate the passengers.
  28. Commercial Jet Crashes in the HudsonPolice boats and rescue ferries are on the scene.
  29. No Criminal Charges Against SpitzerThe United States Attorney’s office today announced that they will not be filing federal charges against former governor Eliot Spitzer.
  30. Barack Obama’s Grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, Has DiedWith her grandson ahead in the polls going into an historic election day, the 86-year-old peacefully succumbed to cancer.
  31. ‘Radar’ Magazine to ShutterThis is a sad thing. We hear the staff is being called in to a meeting momentarily.
  32. Horrible Story Gets Even More HorribleThe lieutenant who ordered an officer to use a Taser on a mentally disturbed man has committed suicide.
  33. Bloomberg to Announce Run for Third TermThe ‘Times’ reports that Hizzoner will make the call on Thursday morning. Could this week get any crazier??
  34. House.gov Has CrashedNot that we expected any reasonable explanations anytime soon, but it would be nice to be able to check.
  35. Clay Aiken Comes Out of the ClosetAfter years of turning against anyone who said the ‘American Idol’ runner-up was gay, are the Claymates going to attack Aiken himself now?
  36. Was Governor Sarah Palin’s Personal Yahoo E-mail Hacked?We’re still waiting for confirmation, but it appears that someone busted into Sarah Palin’s highly protected personal in-box.
  37. Raffaello Follieri: ‘I Knew What I Did Was Wrong’The businessman pleads guilty to charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering.
  38. it just happened
    Brooklyn Artist, American Graffiti Activists Arrested in BeijingJames Powderly let friends know he was being held via Twitter direct message.
  39. The Aiken Baby Is Here! The Aiken Baby Is Here!Parker Foster Aiken will have all the advantages of a full-celebrity child.
  40. Man Arrested in Florida for Threatening to Assassinate Obama, BushRaymone Hunter Geisel is being held after an overheard threat led authorities to his hotel room full of weaponry.
  41. it just happened
    Shia LaBeouf’s Finger Saved by Quick-Thinking Publicist’Mutt Williams and the Search for Elvis or Something’ is saved!
  42. Breaking News: Princess Chunk a Victim of ForeclosureThe mortgage crisis has an adorable, slightly bloated, new mascot.
  43. it just happened
    Christian Bale Arrested; Police: ‘We Thought He Was the Batman’Did Gotham police finally catch up to the Bat-Cycle?
  44. it just happened
    Court Overturns Indecency Fine for ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’; Timberlake Sings About It on ESPNCBS will not be held accountable for the Super Bowl halftime show, but will Justin Timberlake be held accountable for his crappy ESPYs song?
  45. Peter Braunstein Sentenced to 23 Years in OhioBut he couldn’t make a public appearance without spitting out some of the crazy.
  46. Body Found at McCarren PoolNo word on whether it was clad in an ironic romper. Sorry, that was terrible.
  47. Erin Callan Out at LehmanThe ex-CFO leaves the embattled bank and its vicious queen CEO for hot Swiss action.
  48. Emergency Workers Rescue Man Trapped Under Train at 86th StreetOur reporter was on hand as a man leaped onto the tracks and was pinned alive underneath a subway car.
  49. Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook SettleThe first awesome divorce trial of the Summer of Splits comes to a bitter end.
  50. Jesse Jackson Apologizes for Badmouthing Barack Obama Before We Even Know What He SaidBut we bet it was really awkward!
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