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A Funny Thing #27: The Sing-Along with Julia Wiedeman

A stranger in a strange land, her mop incarnadine against the native dred, Julia Wiedman wanted what any of us would: simple human connection and a part in the school production of Pan! But what could possibly tie this pale newcomer to the [...]

By Splitsider Editors

Seth Rogen, Will Reiser Head To Jamaica

Mandate Pictures announced the upcoming Seth Rogen and Will Reiser film Jamaica this week, a movie which will hopefully answer the question, "When in God's name are we going to see Betty White ripping massive bong hits while getting her hair [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Fort Greene Is Too Cool for Us :(

Is Williamsburg "just like" a college campus? Is Fort Greene "too cool" for its own good? Will the sex-toy shop in Park Slope really be "tasteful" and "mom oriented"? And can we ever get enough of scare quotes? "Find out" in today's "boroughs report."

Pro-Pussy Activists Attack Port Authority

Animal activists defend the feral kitties of JFK against collective euthanasia, a stolen bike is rescued by East Village heroes, and a man in Coney Island suffers a craptastic fall — all in your daily dish from the five boroughs.

Avenue A's Most Famous Appendage Perks Up

Say hello to "The Collection" in Carroll Gardens, a possible good-bye to notorious Club Kalua in Jamaica, and plain old "WTF?" to a Staten Island kid who won't give up his Confederate-flag T-shirt. That and more in our daily boroughs report.