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James Gorman

  1. Morgan Stanley CEO Forces Profit-Starved Executives to Violate Personal BubblesJames Gorman is using small rooms to get his points across.
  2. James Gorman Told Morgan Stanley Employees Not to ‘Circulate’ the Goldman Sachs Op-EdNo word on whether the Thought Police will take the ban to the next level.
  3. white men with money
    Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman Has the Same Taste in Books As BloombergJames Gorman and our mayor share a love for spy novels and money.
  4. white men with money
    Morgan Stanley CEO to Really Unhappy Bonus Whiners: ‘Just Leave’The boss has some realism for those “really unhappy” with lower compensation.
  5. Morgan Stanley Limiting Cash Bonuses to $125KWhat happens to a bonus deferred?
  6. John Mack Will Step Down As Morgan Stanley’s Chairman at the End of the YearHe’ll keep a presence at the firm in a “senior advisory role.”
  7. Oh, Morgan Stanley Reported EarningsWe almost forgot about them!
  8. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman Made $15 Million in 2009Not too shabby!
  9. Morgan Stanley’s New and Old CEO Are Very Comfortable With Each OtherAnd their sexuality, apparently.