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James Inhofe

  1. Republican Senator: McCain ‘Partially to Blame’ for Trump Flag DisputeIt takes two to tangle, even if only one of the parties is currently alive.
  2. Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Finally ResignsPruitt heads off to the Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Members Hall of Fame, without so much as a moment’s acknowledgement of his misdeeds from the president.
  3. Some of Pruitt’s Allies Are Starting to Turn on HimThe ongoing ethical disaster that is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt may finally be running out of luck.
  4. President Obama Is Now His Own Anger TranslatorA brutal, unfiltered smackdown of Senator Snowball.
  5. Snowball-Chucking, Science-Hating Senator May Crash Paris Climate TalksJames Inhofe is packing a cooler full of snowballs for Paris to stop the world from going green.
  6. Inhofe’s Insane Climate Denial SpeechA succinct explanation as to why a party is run by lunatics.
  7. China Tries to Save Earth; Republicans FuriousThey swore it could never happen.