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  1. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Know What Tax Rate He’s PayingDetails are for little people.
  2. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street to Start Making House Calls [Updated]Probably not to your place.
  3. JPMorgan Executive Bathroom Re-created for Public UsePee where Jamie Dimon pees.
  4. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon, Former Obama Bromancer, Flirts With Mitt RomneyDimon has moved on from his “high-school romance” with the president.
  5. white men with money
    Lloyd Blankfein Plays the Good Cop to Jamie Dimon’s Bad CopTogether, they’ll wrap the Bank of Canada around their pinkie fingers.
  6. Jamie Dimon Is, Above All, a PatriotGod, country, and risk-weighted assets.
  7. finance
    JPMorgan Settles Again, This Time for $88.3 MillionThe bank will pay for dealing with Cuba, Sudan, and Iran.
  8. white men with money and thoughts
    Jamie Dimon: ‘Confidence Is Like a Secret Sauce … It Is Hard to Measure and Really Adjust’Jamie cheers on America.
  9. white men with money
    JPMorgan Has a Patriotic QuarterWhat’s more American than profits?
  10. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Didn’t Want Jamie Dimon to Feel Left OutHe loves all his favorite bankers equally, and they are all different people with their own special talents, okay?
  11. what? nothing happened
    JPMorgan Chase Settles Bond-Rigging Case for $228 MillionWhat? Nothing happened.
  12. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon’s Magic Doesn’t Cross Borders, ApparentlyJPMorgan is finding overseas expansion more difficult than expected.
  13. white men with money
    Obama and Wall Street: Not Actually in a Fight?Finance types might not be publicly supporting Obama the same way they did four years ago, but they haven’t run away to the GOP — yet.
  14. jamie dimon
    Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Fear What Others Cower BeforeFive little things he thinks we’re worrying too much about.
  15. jamie dimon
    Jamie Dimon Is Not Having a Very Good DayJPMorgan will pay out $153.6 million to settle a federal civil suit that alleged the bank fraudulently misled mortgage investors during a 2007 deal.
  16. literary aspersions
    ‘Sniffling’ Jamie Dimon Heckles Ben BernankeThe JP Morgan CEO reveals his “great fear.”
  17. white men with money
    Obama and Wall Street: Where’s the Love Now?Obama’s in town to woo The Street. On whom will his wiles work?
  18. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Is Now the Highest-Paid Bank CEO in AmericaHe got a 51 percent raise last year to take home $23 million.
  19. sticking up for the not-so-little guy
    Jamie Dimon Thinks the SEC Should Slow Its Roll Before It ‘Damages America’Actually they’re doing just fine.
  20. lloyd of our lives
    Let Lloyd Light Up Your LifeA tiki-torch tribute to the luminescent Goldman Sachs leader.
  21. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Got an $11.6 Million Raise Last Year$17.4 million reasons for him not to shut up.
  22. Goldman Executives Can’t Understand Why Jamie Dimon Gets So Much AttentionWe scratch our heads at Goldman every day about that guy.”
  23. white men who are passive aggressive about their desire to be in politics
    Jamie Dimon’s House Is in Order, He Can’t Say the Same for Everyone Else’s“I’m not as worried about JPMorgan as I am about our industry and our country,” the CEO says.
  24. fi-cri fallout
    Nicolas Sarkozy Has Had It With Jamie Dimon’s Mouth“There is an ocean between flexibility and the scandal we saw.”
  25. what he's saying is he's sick of taking it up the ass
    ‘To Say We’re Supposed to Bend Down and Take It, That’s Wrong’JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon can’t stop, won’t stop.
  26. white men who are accustomed to winning at life
    Davos Questioner Hits Jamie Dimon Right Where It HurtsJPMorgan CEO loses it once again.
  27. photo op
    It’s Business As Usual at This Year’s World Economic ForumDrinking openly is back at Davos.
  28. the healer
    Bill Clinton Turns Foes to FriendsMore from his now-legendary dinner with A-Rod.
  29. bons mots
    Jamie Dimon Looks on the Bright Side“Nothing is worse than it was a year ago.”
  30. sticking up for the not-so-little guy
    Jamie Dimon, Rebel With a CauseJPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is consumed by the need for justice … for bankers.
  31. JPMorgan Executive Denies He’s Leaving Because He Is Jealous of Jamie Dimon“When the outside world puts an individual like him on a pedestal and thinks that he’s the only person at the company who has any ability, sure, it can be a little frustrating.”
  32. white men who clearly love sinatra
    Jamie Dimon Hosts Happy Hours in His OfficeJPMorgan may be one of the world’s largest and most prominent financial institutions, but that doesn’t mean the CEO can’t have a few drinks once in a while.
  33. flattering casting
    Jamie Dimon, John Thain to Be Played by Floppy-Haired Puppy-Dog Types in Too Big Too FailBill Pullman and Matthew Modine take on the roles of the Wall Street CEOs.
  34. white men who are accustomed to winning at life
    Jamie Dimon Could Give a Hoot What Anyone Says About HimAnd that includes Elizabeth Warren, the president, and you.
  35. white men with money
    If You Want to Terrify Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein, All You Have to Do Is Invoke This NameAnd no, it’s not Elizabeth Warren.
  36. ain't no mountain high enough
    Jamie Dimon’s Stoner-Looking Yearbook Photo, ExplainedAt last.
  37. tell us how you really feel
    So It’s Like That“If you were part of an effort to spend millions of dollars opposing the legislation,” you were unwelcome at the “celebration.”
  38. home decor
    Jamie Dimon’s Chicago Home Contains Amazing Self-PortraitThe JP Morgan CEO’s picture tells a story.
  39. the new brangelina
    Doth the White House Protest Too Much?The purported fight between JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and the president is a “fake controversy,” says the White House.
  40. former bromances
    President Obama Hurts Jamie Dimon’s Feelings Yet AgainThe JP Morgan CEO is not invited to the financial-regulation signing ceremony today.
  41. managing expectations
    JPMorgan Will Try to Do Better Next TimeQuarterly earnings of $4.8 billion are not enough to please CEO Jamie Dimon.
  42. white men who are accustomed to winning at life
    Jamie Dimon Just Wants to Have FunFor the CEO of JPMorgan, winning is not enough.
  43. antisocial media
    Man Explains Why He Would Like to Punch Jamie Dimon in the BallsIn a word: overdraft fees.
  44. antisocial media
    Sean Michael Carey Would Like to Punch Jamie Dimon in the BallsAnd he’s started a Facebook page about it.
  45. just touch my cheek before you leave me
    Lobbyist Reminds Community Bankers Jamie Dimon Probably Won’t Call Them in the Morning“Do you really think Wall Street mega firms give a rat’s ass about small banks?”
  46. feuds
    Jamie Dimon vs. John Varley: ‘Two Big-time Bankers in a Very Big Dispute’CEOs haggle over billions.
  47. he said he said
    Jamie Dimon and Barack Obama’s Bromance Continues to Fade“They don’t understand how toxic they are.”
  48. heated exchanges
    Jamie Dimon and Kirsten Gillibrand Fight, Make UpThe JPMorgan CEO and New York senator have a “heated exchange.”
  49. beefs
    Lehman Estate Sues JP MorganIt wants $5 billion and it wants it now.
  50. finance fiction
    President Obama Has Party, Does Not Invite Former Best BankerBurn.
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