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Ok, 10 words: The Cast of 30 Rock Played Charades with Jimmy Fallon

Have you ever played charades? Isn’t it fine? It usually peaks at whenever someone yells out "Baby Fishmouth" and yet goes on for like 45 minutes more. Watching professional funny people play charades is a different story, however, as it is the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jane Krakowski Is a Lot Like That Jenna Maroney Lady

Wow, Jane Krakowski is surprisingly similar to her character on 30 Rock. Jenna would also be really upset that her baby isn't clapping for her and excited to be on Broadway. And THRILLED to have Weird Al parody one of her songs, as he'll do [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Finally, a Porn Based on 30 Rock

The safe-for-work trailer for a new '30 Rock' porn is almost as funny as the actual show. (For real.)

By Lindsay Robertson