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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jason Bateman Act with Fake Arms

Here's Jason Bateman on Late Night Friday, reminiscing with Jimmy Fallon about the Canadian soap opera the two starred in years ago, in which Bateman insisted they both use mannequin arms to do their scenes. I thought this was normal for [...]

By Bradford Evans

Photos from the ‘Arrested Development’ Set, Day 1

"First day. Away we go..." tweeted Jason Bateman along with this picture. I think he's making an airplane joke, right? There are no castmembers in the shot but there are two of the Workaholics, alerting us to the season's first cameos. I wonder [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Look at Michael Cera on a Couple of Sets and Scream in Excitement

AAHHHHH! There it is. There he is. Jason Bateman tweeted this picture along with the caption, "My son, arriving yesterday." Ahhhh! Truthfully, he kind of looks a bit odd there. The show is so frozen in time, it's crazy to see George Michael [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘Arrested Development’ Starts Shooting in 4 Weeks

'Arrested Development's' development is not arrested. Last night, Jason Bateman tweeted this picture along with the message: "Taken at AD mission control, today! All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!" Woo, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jason Bateman in Talks to Act, Spell, and Make His Directorial Debut

Jason Bateman is in talks to direct and star in the indie comedy Bad Words, a film about a Jason Bateman-aged fellow who enters into a children's spelling bee and befriends a young Indian contestant and a female reporter. This would be [...]

By Jesse David Fox