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  1. It Might Be Impossible to Be an Ethical Sports FanWhat should we do when good players are bad people?
  2. First Out Gay NBA Player RetiresJason Collins came out in April 2013.
  3. Jason Collins: Michael Sam Was Smart to Put Football Before a Reality ShowThe gay NBA player says he, too, had an offer from Oprah for a show.
  4. Leitch: Collins and Sam Are Heroes, ForefathersThe next step is the emergence of a true gay superstar.
  5. Gay Sports Community Turns Out for Jason Collins’ Brooklyn Debut His visibility is his advocacy,” said former NFL player Wade Davis.
  6. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Jason Collins, the First Openly Gay NBA PlayerHe was signed by the Brooklyn Nets last night.
  7. See Jason Collins Become the NBA’s First Openly Gay PlayerThe crowd gave him a standing ovation.
  8. The NBA’s First Openly Gay Player Is Coming to BrooklynThe Nets have signed Jason Collins to a ten-day contract.
  9. quotables
    Jason Collins, Call Your Ex-FiancéeThe gay NBA trailblazer’s long-term girlfriend tells not-all in Cosmo.
  10. Jason Collins’s Twin Brother Is Not GaySo he’s taken to wearing an “I’m the straight one” shirt.
  11. Jason Collins’s Ex-Fiancée to Write a Book About How His Coming Out Was for HerShe’s beating him to the book.
  12. Howard Kurtz Acknowledges That His Jason Collins Column Was AwfulHe also addressed that Daily Download video.
  13. Billie Jean King on Jason CollinsBut she’s happy for him.
  14. double standards
    When Lesbian Athletes Come Out, We Hardly NoticeBut when Jason Collins does, he’s heralded as the first gay pro athlete.
  15. Howard Kurtz Out at the Daily Beast After Awful Jason Collins Column [Updated]The Daily Beast retracted it.
  16. Howard Kurtz Wrote the World’s Worst Column on Jason CollinsHe basically called Jason Collins a liar for no reason. 
  17. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Needs to Make Up for His Gitmo FailureThe president could do more despite Congress tying his hands.
  18. Tuck Doesn’t ‘Agree’ With Gays, But Won’t JudgeWe’re all human beings,” the New York Giant told us. 
  19. Jason Collins’s Former Fiancée Did Not See This ComingThis is all hard to understand.”
  20. Larry Johnson’s Homophobic Twitter Logic Is Not BulletproofThe former Knick is “uncomfortable” with Jason Collins, but not immune to learning.
  21. Does ESPN Really ‘Regret’ Broussard Distraction?ESPN had to know what it was doing. 
  22. Jason Collins’s Post-Coming-Out, Post-NBA CareerHe suddenly has options beyond basketball.
  23. The Five Worst Reactions to Jason Collins*ESPN’s Chris Broussard says Collins can’t be gay and Christian.
  24. the sports section
    How NBA Players Are Reacting to the League’s First Openly Gay AthleteJason Collins came out of the closet in a Sports Illustrated story this morning.