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    Laura Benanti and Jason Jones Will Host Off Broadway’s Lucille Lortel Awards“One beautiful, hilarious theater star who has a deep respect for the theater and all it stands for and a middle-aged white guy.”
  2. Jason Jones on ‘The Detour,’ Politics, and Making It in the StatesIn his show The Detour, Jason Jones plays the dad in a family that is constantly trying to evade capture from some authority or government […]
  3. How The Detour Destroyed Six Snowmobiles While Shooting One EpisodeJason Jones, co-creator and star of the TBS sitcom, discusses the season three premiere’s destructive opening bit.
  4. vulture festival la 2017
    Natalie Zea: My ‘Crazy’ Detour Character Is Making Me a Worse Mom“I’ve gotten a talking-to a couple times for being a little too candid with my daughter, who is 2.”
  5. Jason Jones Advises Against Looking to Hollywood for Heroes“It’s not good to put stock in a celebrity. Enjoy their work, but know their lives are fucked up.”
  6. Season 3 of ‘The Detour’ Premieres on TBS in JanuaryTBS has set the season 3 premiere date for Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s The Detour. Deadline reports that the show, which was renewed back in […]
  7. TBS Renews Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s ‘The Detour’ for a Third SeasonJason Jones and Samantha Bee’s TBS show just got a season renewal. The network announced today that it’s given The Detour starring Jones and […]
  8. On ‘The Detour’ with Jason JonesJason Jones doesn’t look at his new TV role on The Detour as much of a departure from his days as a correspondent for The Daily Show. In fact, […]
  9. Season 2 of ‘The Detour’ Premieres on TBS in FebruaryTBS just announced the season 2 premiere date for Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s comedy The Detour. The new season will debut on the network […]
  10. upfronts 2016
    Samantha Bee on Full Frontal and The Detour“I play Jason’s mother and so just digest that.”
  11. ‘The Detour’ Is a Surprising, Fun, and Filthy Take on the Family Sitcom Recently in the sitcom world, there has been an influx of successful family comedies. It’s not that the family comedy ever really went out of […]
  12. Samantha Bee’s Husband Fact-Checks Her in ConversationBut surprise: She’s always right. 
  13. TBS Renews Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s ‘The Detour’ Ahead of Its Season […]Samantha Bee just got a big renewal for Full Frontal, but that’s not the only good Bee-related news at TBS this week. The network announced […]
  14. Jason Jones and Stephen Colbert Look Back on Their ‘Daily Show’ YearsTo promote his upcoming TBS series, Jason Jones stopped by The Late Show last night, where he and Stephen looked back on their years as Daily […]
  15. Here’s a Sneak Peek of TBS’s New Comedy ‘The Detour’ Starring Jason JonesNow that Samantha Bee has settled into her new job at TBS, it’s time for her husband and fellow Daily Show alum to make his debut as well. […]
  16. Hasan Minhaj, Jessica Williams, and Jason Jones Have a Condemnation-OffFollowing an insensitive tweet Rupert Murdoch posted about Muslims, Jon Stewart gathered his Daily Show Senior Condemnologists Hasan Minhaj, […]
  17. Jason Jones Explores the Unappreciated Art of Gerrymandering Last night on The Daily Show, Jason Jones met one of the country’s finest squiggly line artists, a squiggly line artist who understands that […]
  18. Jason Jones, Jenny Slate, and Martin Mull Will Star in Different PilotsPilot season 2013 continues, as all the networks are scrambling to cast actors in their potential new fall shows. The Daily Show’s Jason Jones […]
  19. ‘The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Takes on ‘The Pablo Escobar of Maple Syrup’ The Daily Show sent correspondent Jason Jones back to his home country of Canada to dive deep into the nation’s sordid maple syrup ring. […]
  20. Jason Jones Is Into Bath Salts and Cheap Hot DogsThe Daily Show comedian answers our patented 21 questions.
  21. Homophobic Assistant Attorney General Tells the Daily Show He’s Being Harassed by Crazy PeopleHilarity ensues.
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    British Paper Adorably Overestimates John Oliver’s Takeover of the American AirwavesTo read today’s ‘Independent,’ you’d think John Oliver was Jon Stewart.
  23. St. Paul Report: Eugene Mirman, Chicken Run Afoul of Secret Service23/6’s on-air personality, New York comedian Eugene Mirman, had a little incident.
  24. Comedy Nerds, Meet Indie-Rock Nerds There’s a lot of sexy geeks here tonight,” said Clem Snide front man Eef Barzelay from the stage. The crowd at Irving Plaza last night for The Daily Show’s “Ten Fucking Years” anniversary concert cheered in agreement. From the program guide that is sure to be on eBay within 24 hours (introduction by Thomas Pynchon — for serious!) to the bouncing thrum of Superchunk, the event was a social mixer few would dare to host. (Consider: Sarah Vowell was one of night’s biggest star sightings.) Proceeds went to the cool kids’ favorite charity, Dave Eggers’s 826NYC.