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Howard Stern Sure Doesn’t Like Jay Leno

Howard Stern was on the new Piers Morgan show on CNN last night, and boy, does that guy dislike Jay Leno:He’s not fit to scrub David Letterman’s feet. I don’t know why he’s beaten David Letterman in the ratings. It’s beyond my comprehension. [...]

By Adam Frucci

Larry King Does Some Grandpa-Level Standup on The Tonight Show

Apparently, former CNN cryptkeeper Larry King is planning to embark on a new career as a standup comedian. Or so he claims, while also repeatedly stating that he doesn't tell jokes, he tells stories. So...not a standup comedian? In any case, on [...]

By Adam Frucci

Why Seinfeld Took Leno’s Side Instead of Conan’s

Why did Jerry Seinfeld take Leno's side during the Tonight Show shitstorm? In his words: "You don't take the #1 guy off the air. You don't do it. I took myself off the air. That's one thing. You don't go to a guy who is #1 and tell him: 'That's [...]

By Adam Frucci

Louis CK Absolutely Kills It on The Tonight Show

Louis CK joined Leno on The Tonight Show on Friday night, and he was amazing. Louis' standup is so conversational that he often does new material on a talk show couch that later ends up in a standup special, such as when he debuted "Everything [...]

By Adam Frucci

Jay Leno Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

Yesterday, I wrote about how Jay Leno used a Taylor Swift montage created by Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer without giving credit, even after a producer called and asked to use the material and promised that credit would be given. Last night, [...]

By Adam Frucci

George W. Bush Joins Jay Leno, Fittingly

There are many obvious jokes to make about Jay Leno and George W. Bush, but I'll just say this: are there any two people who better exemplify the worst of the worst in the realms of politics and entertainment to overeducated, urban lefties than [...]

By Adam Frucci

Google Hates Conan

If you search for "Watch Conan" on Google, the first result is the official website for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. How dare you, Google???

By Adam Frucci