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The Trouble With Looking for Political Bias in Late Night Comedians

If you like comedy but love statistics, then this was your week. Two studies released this week look into the political leanings of late-night comedians and their audiences. As raw data, the information they provide is fascinating, but the [...]

By Stephen Hoban

The Networks are Doomed, and Jon Stewart Is Helping Dig Their Graves

It looks like Conan got out at just the right time. In October, the number one late night show on TV with adults 18-49 was not on a network, it was on basic cable for the first time ever. Yes, The Daily Show beat every other late night talk [...]

By Adam Frucci

New Poll Cements Stereotypes About Leno and Conan Fans

Looking for some evidence to back up your sweeping assumption that anyone who likes Jay Leno kind of sucks? Well, the Hollywood Reporter just did a poll that will handily help cement some stereotypes about fans of Leno and Conan. To wit:Jay [...]

By Adam Frucci

Inside the Collapse of Conan’s Tonight Show

Vanity Fair has an excerpt from New York Times media reporter and author of The Late Shift Bill Carter's upcoming book on the Leno/Conan Tonight Show debacle, The War for Late Night. It's an incredible inside look at exactly what happened [...]

By Adam Frucci

Some of NBC’s 10pm Lineup Has Worse Ratings Than The Jay Leno Show

How screwed is NBC? Well, some of their current 10pm lineup is actually doing worse in the ratings than The Jay Leno Show from last year. Worse! I was lead to believe it was impossible to do worse than Jay Leno at 10pm, but I guess Jimmy Smits [...]

By Adam Frucci

Maybe This Is Why Leno’s Tonight Show Isn’t Funny

Jay Leno doesn't tape standup specials because it's just not the same as doing it in front of a live audience. I guess this explains why his Tonight Show isn't that funny: "I'm not someone who does HBO specials or puts out videos or tapes. [...]

By Adam Frucci