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Jeff Merkley

  1. Blue-Slip Tradition, Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Right-Wing Judges, in PerilThe century-long tradition of requiring approval of judicial nominees by home-state senators could soon be scrapped under pressure from conservatives.
  2. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley Spoke for 15-Plus Hours to Protest Gorsuch“Change the nominee. Protect the integrity of the court.”
  3. Trump Plans Reality-TV-Style SCOTUS Pick, While Democrats Promise FilibusterGet ready for some prime-time drama.
  4. Sanders’s Sole Senate Supporter Says the Magic Words That Bernie Won’t SayJeff Merkley thinks Bernie should quit the race and strongly support Clinton if she wins the popular vote and a majority of pledged delegates.
  5. Bernie Sanders Finally Gets Some Respect From a Co-workerOregon senator Jeff Merkley gives the democratic socialist his first Senate endorsement.
  6. ENDA Passes Senate, 64 to 32Let the bells of freedom ring.”
  7. The Filibuster Lives!Loooooong live the filibuster!