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  1. Politicians Join Effort to Nix University of Tennessee Football Coaching HirePols helped irate fans quickly spike the school’s unpopular choice, citing complicity in the Penn State scandal.
  2. Testimony: Paterno Knew About Sandusky in 1976Newly unsealed court documents feature testimony from a man who claims he told the Penn State coach about the abuse he suffered at Sandusky’s hands in 1976.
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    Joe Paterno Reportedly Knew About Jerry Sandusky’s Sex Abuse As Early As 1976According to new court documents.
  4. Joe Paterno Reportedly Knew About Jerry Sandusky’s Sex Abuse As Early As 1976According to new court documents.
  5. Court Rules Child Molester Jerry Sandusky Doesn’t Deserve a Fancy Pension$4,900 per month.
  6. P.A. Governor Tom Corbett: Joe Paterno ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Have Been FiredThough he reportedly pushed for his dismissal.
  7. Dottie Sandusky: Victims Manipulated With MoneyThe convicted Penn State abuser’s wife is still in denial.
  8. John Ziegler Interviews Jerry Sandusky for NBCThe exclusive on NBC’s Today show was an outside job by a conservative filmmaker.
  9. Joe Paterno’s Family Challenges Penn State Investigation They claim that the late football coach was unfairly blamed for covering up Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse.
  10. Sandusky Scandal Might Take Down Governor TooHe remained free for years on Tom Corbett’s watch.
  11. Jerry Sandusky Settles Into a Lonely Prison LifeHe’ll be permitted almost no personal contact.
  12. Sandusky and Wife Tried to Sway Judge With Letters Bashing Their Adopted SonSomehow, calling their son a mentally ill liar failed to impress the judge.
  13. Sandusky Sentenced After Denouncing AccusersIn my heart, I know I did not do these alleged, disgusting acts.”
  14. Jerry Sandusky Is Writing a Book in Jail: ReportHis wife is helping out.
  15. Penn State Removes Joe Paterno Statue Meanwhile, the football team is looking at “unprecedented” NCAA sanctions. 
  16. Newly Revealed E-mails Implicate Penn State Officials in Sandusky ScandalIncluding former president Graham Spanier.
  17. Fox News Mixes Up Mitch Daniels, Jerry SanduskyAnchor Uma Pemmaraju immediately apologized for the unfortunate video mix-up.
  18. Maureen Dowd Stresses Seriousness of Sandusky Sexual Abuse With Shower JokeCringe.
  19. Veteran Philadelphia Sportswriter Bill Conlin Accused of Molesting ChildrenAlleged victims from the seventies say they are coming forward now because of the recent scandal at Penn State.
  20. Penn State Hires Lanny Davis, Erases All DoubtThe Jerry Sandusky scandal has left outsiders wondering just how culpable the Penn State administration is. Now that Penn State has hired Lanny Davis, we have our answer.
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    Read Reviews of Touched by Jerry SanduskyApparently, Jerry Sandusky titled his autobiography Touched. And the gods of irony laughed and laughed and laughed …