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  1. What To Get the Person Who is Always StressedWhen it comes to holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with a calming treat.
  2. Gifts People with Long Commutes Actually NeedThey will bring comfort and joy on even the most brutal workdays.
  3. Big Gift Ideas for Tiny KitchensTen of our favorite small-space fixes for cramped cooks.
  4. they seem cool
    The Model Who’s Team Birkenstocks With SocksTalking to up-and-coming talent Jet about fashion, breakfast, Instagram, and turtles.
  5. Walmart Buys Prolific Subway Advertiser Jet.com for $3 BillionThe two are joining forces to take on Amazon.
  6. loose threads
    Terry Richardson Shot New Ads for Equinox; People Shopped a Lot This Season!Also, Pendleton is designing a diffusion line, and lots of people shopped this holiday season!