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Shrill Harridans vs. Dumb Sluts

Slate's Double X Blog just launched yesterday, and already it's embroiled in a hair-pulling, nail-breaking fight with rival lady-blog Jezebel. WOMEN.

By Jessica Pressler

Reshuffling, Reimagining at OK!

The celebrity weekly will focus more on style. Also, several editors are out. That and the rest of today's media news.

By Mike Vilensky

Faking Out Consignment Shops

Ever wonder if the vintage clothes you're eyeing are legit? A test scam of a few local consignment shops had some interesting results.

Katrina vanden Heuvel Gets Most of Her Talking Points From Jezebel

'The Nation' editor and publisher reminds lady bloggers that imitation is flattery, Dick Grasso heads to court, and either a W or a Westin sets its sights on the Lower East Side — all that and more, in our daily digest of media, finance, real-estate, and law news.