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  1. airport security
    JFK Workers’ Gift to You: No Holiday StrikeBut no promises for stress-free travel in 2013.
  2. airport security
    Security Guards at JFK Airport to Strike for the HolidaysGreat.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    The 2012 Version of Goodfellas Is an iPad HeistApple products worth $1.5 million disappeared from JFK Airport.
  4. scary things
    American Airlines Seats Come Loose Mid-Flight (Again)The FAA is looking into the troubled company after its second mishap in three days.
  5. airport security
    Paperweight Causes Grenade Scare at JFKMaybe leave that paperweight at home next time?
  6. airport security
    Planes at JFK Just Get a Quick Once-Over, According to Security WorkersComforting.
  7. terroble
    Two Planes Land at JFK After Hijacking ThreatWorst prank ever.
  8. the worst form of travel
    False Alarm in Bomb Scare on Flight From JFK to SpainThere’s no reason to become alarmed.
  9. travel
    Monkey Not Thrilled About Plane TripTo China. For medical research.
  10. photo op
    Guess What Was Inside These 684 Buttons at JFKThis is an easy one.
  11. terrorble
    Abdul Kadir Gets Life Sentence for JFK Bomb PlotHe maintained he was innocent.
  12. Slideshow
    Can Carmellini’s and Denton’s Menus Convince You to Fly Delta Out ofA first look at JFK’s new dining options, care of Jason Denton and Andrew Carmellini.
  13. Openings
    Carmellini, Lahey, and Denton Land in JFK on FridayAnd there’ll be iPad ordering! Take that, La Guardia!
  14. good fortune on the runway
    Captain Sully a Little Bit Jealous of the ‘New Captain Sully’?His landing was good, but not good enough to really excite Sully.
  15. Openings
    Sammy Hagar Opens JFK Restaurant, Invites ‘OU812’ JokesIs pound cake served?
  16. air travel
    JetBlue Flight Attendant Grabbed Two Beers Before Fleeing Onboard ScuffleBecause why not?
  17. public service announcements
    JFK, Newark, and La Guardia to Get Full Body Scanners Next MonthThis is your final warning.
  18. terror plots
    Two Guyanese Men Found Guilty in JFK Bomb PlotDuo were arrested in 2007.
  19. spies among us
    The Third Spy Has Been FoundAbdul Kadir, accused of having been part of a terrorist plot targeting JFK, is now also accused of being an Iranian spy.
  20. air travel
    Chances Are, You Didn’t Just ‘Lose’ Your Laptop at JFKNo matter what the police told you.
  21. camelot
    Ted Kennedy’s Life Wasn’t All Death ThreatsIt was also sex parties, maybe.
  22. Terrorist Suspects Taken Into Custody at JFKThe New Jersey residents reportedly planned to join al-Shabaab before federal law-enforcement agents caught up with them.
  23. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Getting Ready to Flee the Country?Nah, we’re just kidding. Maybe, though!
  24. Neighborhood Watch
    Cookies for Your Oscar Party; Taco-Eating Contest in Park SlopePlus, a Holi celebration in midtown east and the Palm opens at JFK Airport.
  25. kids these days
    Two JFK Employees Suspended for Letting Child Direct Planes’Post’ reports that the controller let a second kid direct air traffic the following day.
  26. kids these days
    Aw, a Child Is Directing Air Traffic at JFKYou know kids, always up to some kind of shenanigan.
  27. air travel
    Air Travel Out of JFK to Get Worse, More Expensive, Starting TodayAnd you thought it wasn’t possible.
  28. airport security
    Man Breaches Security at JFKIt happened again.
  29. air travel
    JFK to Get Worse Before It Gets BetterThe airport’s largest runway will be closed for four months this year for renovations.
  30. air travel
    You Know That Thing You’re Afraid Happens to Your Luggage After You Check It?Yeah, it happens.
  31. terrorists of the sky
    Mystery Object Took Down American Airlines Flight at JFKAnd reports are quick to tell us: It’s not what we think.
  32. Real American Heroes
    Messin’ With GeeseYou know what would solve this goose problem? Goose jerky.
  33. Food Courts
    There’s So Much Booze at Terminal 5, You’ll Be Flying!A look at the new JetBlue terminal’s cocktail menu and Batali/Ladner protégé Mario Carbone’s Italian offerings.
  34. NewsFeed
    Menus From JetBlue’s Food Court of the FutureWould you care for a salade niçoise before takeoff?
  35. NewsFeed
    First Look: Inside JetBlue’s Food CourtWe’ve scored renderings of what might become the most exclusive restaurants in Queens.
  36. intel
    A Peek Inside the New JetBlue Terminal at JFK: An Antidote to Air Rage?We were let into the revamped Terminal 5, which incorporates parts of Eero Saarenin’s landmark design with modern touches, like Ron Jon Surf Shop!
  37. photo op
    Hundreds of Bags Getting Left Behind at JFK TodayThousands of passengers were delayed and hundreds of bags were left behind today because of a computer error at the New York airport.
  38. NewsFeed
    Our JetBlue-Airport Dreams Come TrueBistro from the Balthazar guys and tapas from Tía Pol’s Alex Raij … all coming to the JetBlue terminal.
  39. neighborhood watch
    John Varvatos Replaces Indies With UndiesUnbelievable trauma visited upon the children of the Slope, outer Queens folks take a protest of a “whore motel” out to Great Neck, and John Varvatos’s carrionlike radar takes him to the meatpacking district. And other stuff in our daily hood scoper.
  40. intel
    Air Travel Sucks, or Why I Love New YorkIn which one of your Daily Intel editors goes all the way to California to learn where he really belongs.
  41. neighborhood watch
    Pro-Pussy Activists Attack Port AuthorityAnimal activists defend the feral kitties of JFK against collective euthanasia, a stolen bike is rescued by East Village heroes, and a man in Coney Island suffers a craptastic fall — all in your daily dish from the five boroughs.
  42. company town
    JPMorgan Will Take On Half of Bear Stearns StaffOr you could say JPMorgan will FIRE half of Bear Stearns staff. It’s all how you look at it, really. Plus! The GM building may have a new owner, ‘People’ people get a hairy new deadline, and a lawyer’s advice for tax dodgers in our daily roundup of industry news.
  43. NewsFeed
    JFK’s Terminal Five Could Be the Greatest Airport Food Court EverThe new JetBlue terminal at JFK might not have just a Mark Ladner Italian restaurant, but concepts from the people behind Balthazar, Tia Pol, and STK, too.
  44. gossipmonger
    Ramona the PestIs Real Housewife Ramona Singer the “most hated woman in New York”? Which famous-for-being-rich couple had to borrow cash to pay for their wedding license? And what other screen star may have had an affair with JFK? All this and more in today’s roundup of the best of the gossip pages.
  45. NewsFeed
    The Government’s Secret Stash at JFKThanks to the shortsightedness and puritanical rigor of the Customs service, JFK is the final resting place for so many great foods that we should be eating — ibérico hams, homemade salumi, exotic Asian fruits, and who knows what else. We came across this shot: a tragic but highly appetizing image of doomed foods caught between two hungry lands. Photographer Captures America’s Best-Kept Secrets [Wired]
  46. in other news
    The ‘Times’ Gets All Pouty About Mitt RomneyYesterday’s speech by Mitt Romney on religion was big news. Forced, like JFK was decades ago, to explain his religion to voters in order to dispel any alienation they might feel, the Mormon candidate made a heartfelt speech mimicking the one made by his Catholic predecessor in 1960. In Texas, he delivered “Faith in America,” a sermon he says he wrote himself. Naturally, when we opened today’s papers, we were interested to see New York’s take on a speech that was so plainly not directed at voters here. The reviews were nearly unanimously positive. “Romney created the most presidential 20 minutes of his campaign,” reported Tom DeFrank in the Daily News. “He demonstrated the courage of controversial convictions by refusing to equivocate about his beliefs. Simultaneously, he struck a Kennedy-esque chord.”
  47. the morning line
    Thrice-Married Catholic Not Considered So Religious • Only 13 percent of responders think Rudy Giuliani is “of strong religious faith,” according to a Time poll — and that’s lower than Hillary’s number (15 percent). But he once wanted to close down an art exhibit for blasphemy! [NYP] • “The very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t reduced, a new study warns. Poised to vanish: Long Island lobsters and New York apples. What will thrive: smog, pollen, and floods. And, clearly, Claritin sales. [NYT] • An L.A.-to-London flight was diverted to JFK this morning because of a “suspicious passenger.” Michael Chertoff’s gut told him it was a harmless misunderstanding. [WNBC] • Shelly Silver still won’t agree to bring the Assembly to the table for congestion-pricing talks — even as the desperate Mayor Bloomberg says he’ll fly to Albany tomorrow. By now, we’re just looking forward to Monday, when this mess will be over. [NYDN] • And, starting today, the MTA adds a “Mets express” to its 7 line: a one-stop service from midtown to Shea. It’s just for an hour on game days, but funny thing: If they did it year-round, Willets Point might actually be habitable. [amNY]
  48. the industry
    Tom Hanks to Debunk the Debunkers
  49. in other news
    ‘Times,’ Bloomberg Decree JFK Terror Plot Barely Fit to PrintIt’s good to see some old-fashioned New York spirit seep back into our dealings with the evil, evil evildoers. Yesterday, we happily listened to Mayor Bloomberg channel (for once!) an authentic fuggeddaboudit ‘tude: “You can’t sit there and worry about everything. Get a life. You have a much greater danger of being hit by lightning than being struck by a terrorist.” Flippancy is the new vigilance! Today, the Times gets in on the act the way only the Times can — haughtily yet self-consciously. National editor Suzanne Daley, fielding readers’ questions, explained why the paper defiantly stuck the JFK pipeline plot into the Metro section: “Not all plots are the same,” she wrote. “The plotters had yet to lay out plans. They had no financing. Nor did they have any explosives.” Hear that, aspiring terrorists? No above-the-fold action unless you’re sitting on an A-bomb. Daley continued: “Some [editors] argued [the story] should have been fronted, regardless of the lameness of the plot, simply because it was what everyone was talking about.” It’s nice to know the days when John Ashcroft would hiss something about “chatter” and we’d all dash for duct tape are gone with, well, John Ashcroft. It’s equally nice that a story’s popularity apparently doesn’t even figure into the logic of the Times’ front-page meetings. Talk to the Newsroom: National Editor Suzanne Daley [NYT] Earlier: Bloomberg On JFK Plot: ‘Stop Worrying, Get a Life’ [WCBS]
  50. the morning line
    Surrender! • The fourth suspect in the alleged JFK pipeline plot is in custody. At the urging of a friend, Abdel Nur, 57, walked into a police station in Diego Martin, Trinidad, and turned himself in. [NYDN] • More surrenderings! Former assemblyman Clarence Norman Jr. and former State Supreme Court justice Gerald Garson, the main characters in a protracted judgeships-for-sale investigation, were sentenced yesterday. Both men left a Brooklyn courtroom in handcuffs, although Garson eked out a stay of his sentence. [NYT] • Ready for a $3 subway fare? By 2010, warns the Straphangers Campaign, the unlimited MetroCard will likely be $112 or, if the state coughs up some extra MTA cash, $92. But that’s okay, because all our salaries will rise by 50 percent, too — right? Right? [amNY] • Gay marriage: bad for the baby Jesus, great for the economy. A new study by the city comptroller suggests that legalizing same-sex marriage would result in $142 million in economic benefits for NYC. [Crain’s NY] • And Carla Katz, the Jersey union leader who’s also, awkwardly, Governor Corzine’s ex, tells all! In a Post exclusive! To Cindy Adams! Her big revelation: “There’s absolutely nothing I have on Jon.” [NYP]
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