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Jim Lahey at Ago?

Robert De Niro's restaurant will soon be in the hands of Jean-Georges.

By Daniel Maurer

Co. or Company?

How do you pronounce the name of Jim Lahey's new pizza joint?

By Daniel Maurer

Sandwich of the Week: Sullivan St. Bakery’s Brilliant ‘Anti-Bread’ Sandwich

One of the greatest gifts to the sandwich world, the Underground Gourmet has always said, is Sullivan St. Bakery’s ciabatta. With its smallish size, not-too-dense crumb, and sturdy crust, it has, over the past decade or so, become the bread of choice for discriminating sandwich chewers all over town, and, consequently, as brazenly knocked off as a Gucci handbag.

Neroni Gives Lame Reason for Leaving Porchetta

Neroni’s reason for leaving Porchetta: They wanted to open for lunch and start serving sandwiches. And here we thought he was a prima donna. [Eat for Victory/VV] The Russian Tea Room, taking a page from straight-to-DVD movies, pulls misleading blurbs from bad reviews to try to get some desperately-needed positive press. [Page Six] Sullivan Street Bakery's Jim Lahey is said to be opening a pizzeria in Chelsea. [Food and Wine]