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  1. Here’s the MTA’s Plan to Fix the SubwaysMTA chairman Joe Lhota presented some near-term steps including signal overhauls and getting rid of vague announcements.
  2. bans
    Oh, C’mon, MTA: Don’t Ban Food on the SubwayIn light of recent track fires, MTA chief Joe Lhota says it’s not a bad idea.
  3. Joe Lhota Is Back As MTA ChairmanLhota, who got the subways running after Hurricane Sandy, will take over the job as the agency faces crises on multiple fronts.
  4. Post-Election Joe Lhota to Run NYU Hospital in De Blasio’s New YorkBack in the saddle.
  5. Joe Lhota Knew Keri Russell Was Going to Get RobbedSee, I told you guys this was going to happen.”
  6. the racie for gracie
    Q&A With De Blasio’s Campaign Manager“In my opinion, I think he was probably pushed to do it.”
  7. Joe Lhota Out-Partied His Daughter on Election NightSmoked a cigar at the after-party.
  8. Map: Here’s Where Bill de Blasio Dominated The areas where he really ran up the score. 
  9. The Daily Show Buries Joe Lhota, Dances on GraveReally rubbing it in.
  10. Giuliani Predicts Lhota Win Tuesday, or 2017He’ll be more appealing once New York is overrun by biker gangs.
  11. Out on the Campaign Trail With Joe Lhota Dead-EndersHey, the polls could be wrong.
  12. quotables
    Joe Lhota Knows SlingbacksHe has a gift, daughter Kathryn says.
  13. Will Mayor De Blasio Sleep Through the City’s Most Pressing Emergencies?That’s what Joe Lhota thinks. 
  14. New York Post Endorses Lhota Just to Say ‘I Told You So’ in AdvanceDe Blasio = commie.
  15. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Responsible for Six Halloween Shootings, Says Desperate Joe LhotaIt’s a reach.
  16. Lhota Would Be a Great Mayor, If It Weren’t for This Pesky CampaignThe “shallowness” of politics surprised him.
  17. What You Missed in the Final Mayoral DebateThe highs, the lows, the random Rocky IV references. 
  18. New Yorkers Have Pretty Low Expectations for Mayor Bill de BlasioPlurality expects him not to keep promises. 
  19. Catsimatidis Wins Giuliani’s Support, Two Months Too LateNot that it matters.
  20. Joe Lhota Can SurfHuh.
  21. Joe Lhota Has a Family, Too … Maybe They’ll Vote for Him?Game-changer?
  22. Both Candidates Want to Reschedule the DebateA little late, but it may happen.
  23. Joe Lhota Could Become the First Republican to Lose Staten Island in 28 YearsAnd he’s been trying much harder. 
  24. Joe Lhota Would Fear for His Personal Safety Under Mayor De BlasioAbsolutely.”
  25. Hillary Clinton Helped De Blasio Make $1 Million; Joe Lhota Sprang for a PizzaThe candidates had very different fund-raising events.
  26. De Blasio Lead Over Lhota Plummets to 44 PointsWhoa, this race is tightening!
  27. Live-Blogging Joe Lhota’s Dance-Floor Roller-coaster Attack AdThis one is special.
  28. Notorious Subway Kittens Still Homeless, CuteThey’re ready for a new life.
  29. De Blasio Counters Scary Lhota Ad With Cheery Chiara SpotAnd a Dante ad callback.
  30. Crime-Fantasy Lhota Ad Features Its Own TheftThe campaign used a photo without permission.
  31. Joe Lhota Couldn’t Have Timed Synagogue Visit More AwkwardlyA female reporter and two aides were asked to leave.
  32. Lhota Attacks De Blasio With Scary Vintage Photo Montage Lots of rioting.
  33. Joe Lhota Took His Gloves Off After the DebateHe kind of lost it in the spin room.
  34. What You Missed in the First Mayoral DebateBill de Blasio and Joe Lhota faced off tonight. 
  35. Lhota Thinks It’s ‘Inappropriate’ to Question Columbus on Columbus DayThis is not a time for historical accuracy.
  36. Joe Lhota Wins the Race for Having the Name Most Synonymous With CoffeeEveryone is asking for “Joe.” Nobody is asking for “Bill.”
  37. Lhota Could Tie This Race Up in Just a Couple MonthsDon’t forget to vote Nov. 5.
  38. Bill de Blasio Winning by Way Too Much to Debate TonightOnly Lhota and the third-party candidate will be at the first face-off.
  39. If There Are Scandals in Tamra Lhota’s Past, She Isn’t TalkingShe’s a great fund-raiser, considered becoming a priest.
  40. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Keeps Reminding People He’s a RepublicanHe supports delaying Obamacare for one year.
  41. ‘Commie’ Bill de Blasio Absolutely Crushing Joe LhotaA new poll shows a 71–21 percent gap.
  42. Mayoral Candidates Argue Over Whether Lhota Is All That RepublicanYou can’t be a Republican bystander,” says de Blasio.
  43. The 1965 Mayoral Race Is Really Starting to Heat UpFirst we were talking about communism. Now Goldwater. 
  44. Young Joe Lhota Loved Goldwater, Loathed CommunismThis explains a lot.
  45. Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota Boycotting BarillaSomething everyone can agree on. 
  46. Lhota and de Blasio’s Circumcision Flip-Flopping ExposedMetzitzah b’peh: every candidate’s least-favorite topic.
  47. Rogue Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Repeatedly Flouts the Law On-CameraHe went the wrong way down a one-way street, then rolled through a red light. 
  48. Joe Lhota Answers Your Questions: On Marxism, Hugs, and His Favorite New VodkaThe Republican candidate for mayor responds to readers.
  49. Bill de Blasio and Problematic Foreign Revolutions, Part IIIHe once hung out with Robert Mugabe, and then apologized.
  50. Lhota Deeply Disappointed by de Blasio’s Extra Debate, Lack of Honeymoon DetailsDe Blasio called the attacks “increasingly silly.”
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