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  1. Joe Biden to Launch PAC, Keep Presidential Speculation Going for YearsAmerican Possibilities will be “dedicated to electing people who believe that this country is about dreaming big” including, possibly, himself.
  2. Biden Says, ‘I’m Going to Run in 2020.’ If He’s Joking, He Won’t Admit ItHe says he’s “not committing” to anything because “fate has a strange way of intervening.”
  3. Joe Biden Hints at Post–White House PlansHe’s talking to “a couple of major universities.”
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    Joe Biden Officiates Wedding of World’s Luckiest CoupleThe same-sex union took place at the veep’s residence.
  5. Joe Biden Officiates Wedding of World’s Luckiest CoupleThe same-sex union took place at the veep’s residence.
  6. 4 Things We Learned About Joe Biden’s 2016 DecisionHe waited until the absolute last minute and had serious issues with Clinton.
  7. We Are Already Months Into the Biden CampaignThe only question he’s been mulling is how aggressive he should be.
  8. Joe Biden Cryptically Lays Out Campaign PlatformOne of the VP’s closest advisers sent out a strange email.
  9. Joe Biden Is Just Screwing With You at This PointStill no word on whether he’s running for president.
  10. Hillary Clinton Just Made Joe Biden’s Decision a Lot HarderThe debate shifted the political landscape.
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    More Clues That Joe Biden Is Definitely, Maybe Running for PresidentHis team met with the DNC to learn about election rules.
  12. CNN Enables Biden’s 2016 ProcrastinationBiden will be eligible for the October 13 presidential debate even if he waits until that day to announce his candidacy.
  13. Update: Biden Still Not Sure Whether He’s Running for President It’s not like I can rush it.”
  14. If Joe Biden Wants to Run for President, Jill Biden Won’t Stop HimHer team says she’ll be “on board” if he decides to run.
  15. Report: Biden Has Obama’s ‘Blessing’ If He Actually Decides to Run for PresidentIt’s major (speculative) development.
  16. Here’s Joe Biden Sucking on a Baby’s Pacifier A Bloomberg baby.
  17. Joe Biden Blasts Republicans for Behavior ‘Beneath the Dignity’ of the SenateHe responded to their Iran letter with a longer and angrier letter.
  18. Surveillance Cameras Fail to Capture Gunman Near Biden’s HomeIt still seems as though the most basic things are not being done.”
  19. Shots Fired Outside of Biden’s Delaware HouseNo one was hurt. 
  20. Read Joe Biden’s Powerful Speech About Combating Violence Against WomenBiden spoke about the issue in personal terms, recalling how his father instructed him to always “stand up and do the right thing.”
  21. Joe Biden’s Son Leaves Navy After Testing Positive for CocaineHunter was an ensign in the Navy Reserve.
  22. Joe Biden Is Sorry for Suggesting Our Allies Aided ISISIn a breathtakingly Biden-y speech last week.
  23. After ‘Shylock,’ Biden Calls Asia the ‘Orient’Proving that, yes, he is your accidentally racist grandma.
  24. Joe Biden and George W. Bush Disagree on the Matter of Putin’s Soul Bush said he saw into the soul, but Biden says it doesn’t exist.
  25. Joe Biden Has a Water Gun and He’s Not Afraid to Use ItIn fact, he’s pretty excited to! 
  26. Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. World Cup Team With BidenismsThe vice president brings the good vibes.
  27. Joe Biden Explains How to Avoid ‘Big F–ing Deal’ MomentsAssume every microphone is on.”
  28. Vice President Biden’s Aviators Join InstagramHe’s still got it.
  29. Vice-President Biden Reveals His Beauty SecretEven a down-home guy like Joe wants to have good skin.
  30. Joe Biden Goes to a Soul Food Diner: America in 5 PhotosLike apple pie and stuffed animals.
  31. ‘White Boy’ Joe Biden Brags About His Basketball SkillsHe’s embracing his Onion persona.
  32. Joe Biden Thinks La Guardia Airport Looks Like a ‘Third-World Country’I’m not joking!”
  33. Joe Biden Sat Biden-ly in a Red Convertible TodayThe vice-president attended a preview of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
  34. The White House Won’t Stand for Biden-BashingBut otherwise they’re pretending they aren’t mad at Gates.
  35. Any (Vetted) American Can Ask Biden a QuestionThe public didn’t really have “direct” access.
  36. Biden Goes to Asia, Things Get AwkwardThe vice-president and his merry band of reporters are having a weird time.
  37. Joe Biden Picking Up Some Sandwiches, in PhotosHe ran out of money, for one thing. 
  38. Biden Congratulates Another Random Person on Mayoral Win, Obama Still Loves HimAnd there’s a recording of the call.
  39. Joe Biden Congratulated the Wrong Marty Walsh on Winning the Boston Mayoral RaceTo be fair, one out of every four people in Boston is named Marty Walsh.
  40. Joe Biden Calls House GOP a ‘Neanderthal Crowd’An unveils a new Bidenism alert system.
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    Man Tries the Old ‘Joe Biden Said This Was Okay’ DefenseHe’s in legal trouble after scaring off intruders with a shotgun. 
  42. Joe Biden Credits Terrible Economy With 2008 Win Or maybe he was just trying to be nice to John McCain.
  43. Joe Biden Has a Few Words for the Boston BombersHe called them “two twisted, perverted, cowardly knock-off jihadis.”
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    See Joe Biden Visiting Vice-President Selina Meyer’s OfficeIt had to happen eventually.
  45. Joe Biden Zoning OutAnd what he’s thinking about when he does it.
  46. Joe Biden Joins Michael Bloomberg in NYC to Talk Tough on Gun ControlThe mayor and vice-president gave an emotional, tag-team press conference.
  47. Joe Biden Flew All the Way to the Vatican for ThisThe handshake in GIF form.
  48. Joe Biden Floats Executive Order Option on Gun ControlThe president is going to act.”
  49. The Top 5 Bidenisms From Today’s Senate Swearing-in CeremonyJoe Biden flirted with nonagenarians, gave relationship advice to a fifteen-year-old, and managed to make a fondling joke.
  50. Obama Launching Gun Task Force Headed by Joe Biden [Updated]The president will speak a bit about his plan this afternoon.
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