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  1. Paul Ryan’s Retirement Could Roil House RepublicansHe may be stepping down in anticipation of electoral disaster. But win or lose, House conservatives will keep pushing their leadership to the right.
  2. Tobacco Lover John Boehner Loves the Marijuana Business Now TooThe former House Speaker has joined the board of one of the nation’s largest cannabis companies.
  3. Blame-Game Lessons From the Last Government ShutdownResponsibility can be pinned on one party if there’s evidence to support it — but the effect may be ephemeral.
  4. Former House Speaker John Boehner’s Nastiest Comments About Fellow RepublicansIn a new profile, Boehner claims he told Hannity that he’s “nuts,” calls the Freedom Caucus “anarchists,” and says Trump is “not a Republican.”
  5. John Boehner: Cigarettes and Wine Good, Trump a ‘Complete Disaster’The former House Speaker’s review of the president’s first few months isn’t exactly a rave.
  6. Boehner Reportedly Talked Trump Out of Causing a Government ShutdownThe former House speaker was called in to convince Trump not to veto the spending bill.
  7. John Boehner Has a New Job on K Street, But Don’t Call Him a LobbyistAnd another new job with a tobacco company.
  8. Boehner Backs Trump But Not His PoliciesTrump will be the nominee, said Boehner, “whether people like it or not.” 
  9. Federal Judge Sides With House Republicans in Obamacare CaseThe judge ruled that the Obama administration had no authority to fund a program helping low-income people pay out-of-pocket costs.
  10. the ted cruz fan club
    Satanists Reject John Boehner’s Conflation of Ted Cruz and Lucifer“Christians can’t just push Cruz off on Satanists.”
  11. John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’The former GOP House Speaker also said he could vote for Trump in the general election but not for the Texas senator.
  12. Conservative Representatives Want to Torture Boehner in Retirement, TooThey’re suddenly in favor of cracking down on the post-speakership office perk.
  13. John Boehner in Retirement Likes to VacuumI haven’t driven a car for nine years. I did a couple of weeks ago. I have a valid driver’s license.”
  14. Speaker Paul Ryan Is Cleaning Up the House (Literally)Starting with Boehner’s smoky office and Hastert’s portrait.
  15. John Boehner Unveils Plan to Avoid Default, Save Paul Ryan But many conservatives aren’t happy about it.
  16. House Will Choose Boehner’s Replacement One Day Before He Says ‘Bye!’The other leadership positions will be filled at a to-be-determined date.
  17. Jason Chaffetz Will Challenge Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the HouseHe’ll be the underdog, but still represents the first viable threat to McCarthy and the GOP Establishment.
  18. House Conservatives Finally Got Boehner’s ScalpThe Planned Parenthood videos brought down an unintended target.
  19. John Boehner Sneakily Called Ted Cruz a ‘Jackass’ on Face the NationThe next few weeks are going to be fun.
  20. How the Right Is Reacting to John Boehner’s ResignationA look at the conservative commentary regarding the Speaker’s impending departure, and what it might mean for the future of the GOP.
  21. Conservatives Hated Boehner Because He Couldn’t Get Rid of ObamaNot because he disagreed with their goals.
  22. John Boehner Hates His Job: Trash-Talk EditionHow does he tolerate his terrible schedule? “Garbage men get used to the smell of bad garbage.”
  23. Boehner and Pelosi (But Especially Boehner) Scramble to Avert a ShutdownHe’s looking for a way to placate House conservatives before the September 30 deadline.
  24. Congress Hurtles Toward Another Government ShutdownJohn Boehner doesn’t want a showdown over Planned Parenthood funding, but he’s yet to find a way out.
  25. John Boehner Is Glad ‘That Jackass’ Ted Cruz Is Out of His HairRepublicans would prefer that the speaker suffer in silence.
  26. GOP Congressman Launches Surprise Bid to Oust Speaker BoehnerThe obscure maneuver has almost no chance of being successful.
  27. The Trade Vote Reignited the War Within the House GOPAfter passing a trade bill, the GOP moves to crack down on dissenters.
  28. John Boehner Reads Mean Tweets, Does Not CryHe and Pelosi seem accustomed to being insulted.
  29. Boehner Concludes Biannual Test of the Government Shutdown SystemThe House passed a bill to fund Homeland Security, after their stand accomplished nothing.
  30. Boehner Is So Ready to Be Done With All This DHS DramaThe Speaker of the House cites a possible terrorist attack as a reason to just fund the department.
  31. Poll Confirms the Republican Immigration Shutdown Plan Is Their Worst Idea EverJohn Boehner dials political suicide hotline.
  32. Boehner Says He’ll ‘Certainly’ Allow a Homeland Security ShutdownCongress only has four days to reach a compromise.
  33. Boehner: House GOP Will Accept Supreme Court’s Decision on Gay MarriageThey’re not going to waste $2.3 million on preventing people from getting married … again.
  34. Israeli Prime Minister Plans to Visit Congress House Speaker John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu on his own.
  35. Ohio Man Indicted for Threatening to Kill John BoehnerHe said he would shoot him or poison his drink.
  36. A History of Conservative Revolts Against John BoehnerTuesday’s narrow reelection is just the latest humiliation he’s suffered as speaker.
  37. Boehner Faces Embarrassing Challenge to His Speakership But don’t bet on Speaker Louis Gohmert.
  38. House Republicans Finally Sue Obama Over Obamacare After threatening to do so for months. 
  39. Conservatives: Let’s Shut Down and ImpeachRepublicans already bored of being boring.
  40. Boehner Makes Immigration Offer Obama Can’t RefuseHe is willing to vote on a bill, maybe, but probably not.
  41. You’ll Never Guess What the New GOP Proposals Would Do to the DeficitJohn Boehner and Mitch McConnell have some ideas.
  42. Ted Cruz Punks John Boehner Again, This Time on ImmigrationWorld’s saddest leader of a legislative body loses once more.
  43. House Republicans Are Suing Obama for Failing to Enforce ObamacareBy delaying the employer mandate, which they voted to repeal.
  44. Boehner Decides Helping Hillary Win Is Better Than Passing Immigration ReformFour thoughts on another Boehner-tastrophe.
  45. Amused Obama Shrugs Off ‘Stunt’ Lawsuit From RepublicansThey’ve decided to sue me for doing my job,” said the president, smirking.
  46. Why John Boehner Is Suing President ObamaHe says it’s not about the midterms, but what else could it be?
  47. Why Do Republicans Always Say ‘I’m Not a Scientist’?Well, it’s true, anyway.
  48. John Boehner Bays at the MoonThe freak show is on.
  49. What You Missed at the 2014 White House Correspondents’ DinnerJokes about cable news and Chris Christie, mostly.
  50. John Boehner Goes Full BenghaziBenghaaaaaazi!
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