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John Bolton Goes on the ‘Daily Show,’ Sort Of Convinces Us

Did you catch John Bolton — you know, the U.N.-hating former U.N. ambassador so unpopular Bush could never get him approved by the Senate — on the Daily Show last night? Here's something we never thought we'd say: He was pretty good. First, we'd give him big points for even showing up. Second, he gets even bigger points for sounding calm and reasonable up against a host and audience who clearly can't stand him. But he gets biggest points of all for reducing Jon — granted, never the most astute political theorist — to a series of talking-point non sequiturs while making some entirely sensible points of his own. Shouldn't an anti-U.N. president put in an anti-U.N. U.N. ambassador? Is that the whole point of the democratic system, that the voters picked Bush, so give them what Bush believes in? Whoa. Our minds were blown. The mustache still looked silly, though. Ambassador John Bolton [ComedyCentral.com]