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Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

In the days leading up to the release of Tower Heist, one of the many, many stories I read about Eddie Murphy stated that from roughly 1982-1986, the actor had the greatest five-year stretch of any comedian, ever. The writer was including not [...]

By Joshua Kurp

The Strange Fad of Comedian-Based Saturday Morning Cartoons

Maria Bamford has a great bit about how she wants to have a TV sitcom someday called Me, My Mom, and a Monster, in which she, her mother, and a friendly but disgusting monster all live in the same house, where one can presume wackiness would [...]

By Brian Boone

The Lost Roles of John Candy

Casting is one of the most important processes in movie making. Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an entire film rings true. Lost Roles is a weekly series that examines the missed opportunities — the roles [...]

By Bradford Evans

50 Famous Faces From Second City

Second City, the famous comedy theater in Chicago, has produced an almost obscene number of comedy stars, from Tina Fey to Fred Willard to Stephen Colbert. So obviously, a slideshow on the Chicago Tribune website entitled "50 Famous Faces From [...]

By Adam Frucci