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  1. A Chat with Jon Daly About John Daly and Adam Scott and Adam ScottWhen Adult Swim Golf Classic airs tonight at 11:30pm, comedy pros Jon Daly and Adam Scott finally take on the roles they were born to play: pro […]
  2. exclusive
    See an Exclusive Clip from the Kroll Show FinaleIt’s very Jewish.
  3. Jon Daly Is John Daly and John Daly Is Jon DalyComedian Jon Daly is on a quixotic mission to merge Internet identities with fat golfer John Daly. He compares it to what Dan Savage was able […]
  4. a rare post on sports
    In Absence of a Sex Scandal, Maybe John Daly’s Lucky Purple Pants Can Keep People Excited About GolfOr just scared of it.
  5. tiger woods
    Golfer Friend John Daly Tells Tiger to ‘Go to Oprah’Tiger’s “friend” has some advice.
  6. the sports section
    Roger Clemens’s Philandering: Now on Second!The former Yankee pitcher may have had another long-term dalliance with John Daly’s ex-wife.