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  1. bons mots
    We Hope Andrew Young Doesn’t Actually Know What John Edwards ThinksBecause it would be scary, in a hilarious way, if he did.
  2. silence is golden
    Does Rielle Hunter Have a Quiet Dignity About Her?’Newsweek’ wonders.
  3. frivolous lawsuits
    Elizabeth Edwards Is Suing Her Husband’s Former Aide for Breaking Up Their MarriageIf only his aide had told him to stop …
  4. gossipmonger
    John Mayer’s Hood Pass RevokedAnd more celebrity doings, in today’s gossip roundup.
  5. children of love
    National Enquirer: John Edwards Proposes to Rielle HunterCue the Dave Matthews Band.
  6. things no one ever wants to see
    Judge Temporarily Protects World From John Edwards Sex TapeFormer aide Andrew Young has been ordered to turn over the tape.
  7. the jerk store
    Just When You Thought the Edwards Family Story Line Couldn’t Get Any Uglier …… Out come the allegations of domestic abuse.
  8. blergh
    Andrew Young Reveals Icky Edwards Details on 20/20Grab the popcorn, kids.
  9. white men who are crap boyfriends as well as crap husbands
    John Edwards’s Sexy Phone Talk“If he missed her, he would say, “That’s correct” — pronouncing it “cohhhhhhrect.”
  10. early and often
    Heilemann and Halperin: Who Is Andrew Young?The ‘Game Change’ authors explain the bizarre relationship between John Edwards, his “body man,” and Elizabeth.
  11. breakups
    Elizabeth Edwards Has Finally ‘Had It’ With John EdwardsThe longest-lasting crap relationship we’ve known finally appears to be winding down.
  12. Andrew Young’s Book Confirms Much of What We Already Knew About John EdwardsIt seems John Edwards is a self-indulgent egomaniac.
  13. gross things
    John Edwards ‘Is Physically Very Striking, in a Certain Area’Sex-tape rumors about John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are reaching a, um, fevered pitch.
  14. in other news
    The National Enquirer Wants a Pulitzer PrizeA lot of people want a lot of things but that doesn’t mean they actually happen.
  15. the jerk store
    John Edwards Is in HaitiThank God.
  16. gossipmonger
    Madonna Wants to Have Jesus’s ChildAnd more perverse celebrity antics, in today’s gossip roundup.
  17. children of love
    John Edwards Admits Paternity of Love ChildHe’s giving Rielle Hunter’s baby girl both “financial and emotional” support.
  18. People Really Hate John EdwardsLike, more than they hate anyone else.
  19. early and awful
    Bartender Says John Edwards Hit On Her During Alleged ‘Sex-and-Booze Bender’And worse!
  20. snl
    SNL Announces November Hosts January Jones and Joseph Gordon-LevittAnd John Edwards’ favorite band is coming back to the show.
  21. sad things
    Elizabeth Edwards Takes Same Approach to Cancer, JohnNot letting either of them get her down.
  22. gossipmonger
    Penélope Cruz Looking More and More PregnantSeen leaving OB/GYN clinic with Javier Bardem and a large white envelope.
  23. family court
    Elizabeth Edwards: Pseudonymous Blog Commenter?Someone named “Cherubim” has been commenting about John Edwards, and some people think it’s Elizabeth.
  24. playlist
    Which Songs Would Dave Matthews Play at John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s Wedding?We were struck by Edwards’s selection of an artist so well known for his frankly sexual lyrics.
  25. john edwards
    John Edwards’ Hacky-Sack Jam Band Promise To Rielle HunterBook proposal tells of John and Rielle’s surreal wedding plans.
  26. family court
    Elizabeth Edwards Hopes for Things That Cannot BeCan a paternity test really be kept quiet?
  27. gossipmonger
    Someone Hired Lindsay Lohan!For a movie! Okay, it’s called ‘Machete,’ but still!
  28. National Enquirer: DNA Test Proves John Edwards Is Father of Rielle Hunter’s BabyWell … they’ve always been right before.
  29. family court
    Rielle Hunter Testifies Before Grand JuryAnd she brought along her mysterious love child.
  30. gossipmonger
    Here We Go: There Might Be a John Edwards Sex TapeOf course there might be a John Edwards sex tape. Of course.
  31. early and awful
    John Edwards’s Unlikely Comeback to Become More UnlikelyFormer friend Andrew Young is shopping a tell-all book.
  32. jerks
    John Edwards Still Not Sure Whether Presidential Run Was WiseMmmm, no, it wasn’t.
  33. early and often
    Edwards’s Suspicious Staff Considered Sabotaging CampaignOnce they realized reports about his infidelity were true, his team considered the nuclear option.
  34. Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah: ‘There’s No Excuse for Women to Do This’The former presidential candidate’s wife opens up in her much-anticipated interview with the talk-show host.
  35. sad things
    Elizabeth Edwards: Rielle Hunter’s Baby ‘Doesn’t Look Like My Children’The wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards opens up to Oprah.
  36. early and awful
    Was Mistress Rielle Hunter Hidden As a ‘Furniture Purchase’ in Edwards Campaign Finance Statements?That’s what federal investigators are looking into at the moment.
  37. early and awful
    Elizabeth Edwards on Affair Discovery: ‘I Cried and Screamed’In her new book, ‘Resilience,’ the former candidate’s wife gets very candid about her painful last two years.
  38. children of love
    Is It John Edwards’s Baby? The Definitive EvidenceWe settle this controversy once and for all using the most accurate technology we know how to use.
  39. early and awful
    Elizabeth Edwards’s Conundrum: How to Make Rielle Hunter ClassyIn her new book, Elizabeth Edwards will walk the fine (and maybe nonexistent) line between grace and honesty.
  40. gossipmonger
    Joan Rivers Took a TV Crew to the Voting Booth, Of CoursePlus, in non-election-related gossip: Cameron Diaz refuses to share her cigarettes, and Courtenay Semel’s dad might have cut her off.
  41. gossipmonger
    Elizabeth and John Edwards Living SeparatelyPlus, Graydon Carter shows astonishing humility and Mark Ronson tells a wacky tale … in today’s gossip roundup.
  42. early and often
    Elizabeth Edwards Once Again Takes Up Role As Health-Care ActivistThe wife of disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards braves the public eye once again to talk about the issue closest to her heart.
  43. in other news
    Rielle Hunter’s Baby Photos: Not Quite John Edwards in a OnesieThe ‘National Enquirer’ has a new story about John Edwards today, but we’re more interested in the telling picture that goes along with it.
  44. it happened this week
    Falling DollarsEverything that happened last week, in case you weren’t paying attention.
  45. company town
    Mike and the Mad Dog Break Up at LastAfter months of rumors, Chris Russo is off the popular sports-radio show — that and more, in of our daily industry roundup.
  46. in other news
    Fred Baron Has a ‘Brief Recollection of Giving Someone Cash’The wealthy Texas lawyer, who has been vigilantly protecting John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, and Andrew Young, suddenly doesn’t quite know what’s going on.
  47. intel
    Guess Which ‘Overboard’ Floozy Is Rielle HunterWe’ve cut together the brief appearances of the girls who might be John Edwards’s mistress in the Goldie Hawn–Kurt Russell flick ‘Overboard.’
  48. in other news
    This Thing With Rielle Hunter’s Baby Daddy Is Just WeirdHow did married Edwards aide Andrew Young possibly think his story would fly?
  49. in other news
    John Edwards Confessed Infidelity in Installments, Says FriendLike a favorite bedtime story or a soap opera!
  50. in other news
    Rielle Hunter’s Baby Looks Like ‘John Edwards in a Onesie’A quick-and-dirty roundup of new tidbits about the John Edwards scandal.
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