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  1. John Kelly Told Trump He’s Willing to Resign: ReportThe president is considering replacing the current chief of staff with the chairman of the far-right Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows.
  2. hot shot
    White House Chief of Staff Is Lovin’ LifeJohn Kelly looked a little miserable as he watched Trump defend a domestic abuser — after Kelly did exactly the same thing.
  3. clarificiations
    White House Chief of Staff Clarifies How He Feels About Domestic ViolenceNice to know where he stands.
  4. power
    Report: White House Officials Knew of Rob Porter’s Abusive Past for MonthsThe White House staff secretary resigned after two ex-wives alleged that he had abused them.
  5. John Kelly’s Mission Was to End the Trump Drama. Now He’s at the Center of It.Trump is said to be so annoyed about Kelly’s handling of the Rob Porter abuse claims that he’s eyeing replacements, and complaining to Reince Priebus.
  6. Kelly ‘Shocked’ by Porter Abuse Claims, Which the White House Already Knew AboutThe White House chief of staff released a statement condemning domestic violence — but said he also stands by previous comments praising his aide.
  7. How Trump’s Immigration Proposal Could Be Trouble for DemocratsTurns out Americans are much more open to restrictions on legal immigration than they are to deporting Dreamers.
  8. Trump’s Surprise Immigration ProposalThe White House presented the outline of a deal — amnesty for Dreamers, but big asks — that might just make everyone mad.
  9. Trump Got Us Into This Shutdown, GOP Doesn’t Want His Help Getting Out of ItWhite House aides and congressional leaders are reportedly encouraging him to stay on the sidelines, since he’s already caused enough chaos.
  10. Trump Disputes Chief of Staff, Says He Hasn’t ‘Evolved’ on Border Wall“The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it,” Trump tweeted.
  11. Ryan’s Strategy May Be Backfiring, Earning GOP Blame for a Government ShutdownIn trying to “jam” Senate Democrats with a GOP-only spending bill, Ryan may have given House conservatives the power to jam him.
  12. Trump’s Chief of Staff Says Some of Trump’s Campaign Promises Were ‘Uninformed’“One thing is to campaign, another thing is to govern. It’s really hard,” John Kelly told lawmakers.
  13. power moves
    Omarosa Was Reportedly Physically Removed From the White HouseAfter she was fired and threw a fit.
  14. trump palace
    Report: Trump Tries to Hide Plans and Calls From John KellyAnd the president’s friends apparently sneak messages past Kelly via Melania.
  15. Trump to Put ‘Quartet of Warriors’ in Charge of Foreign PolicyRex Tillerson’s dismissal will be no surprise. But the military-heavy character of the new team that will ascend to power in his absence is ominous.
  16. Will the Generals Save Us From Trump?The unusual influence of the military on this president is a gift and a curse.
  17. Amber Ruffin Responds to John Kelly’s Civil War Comments on ‘Late Night’White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made news this week for saying the Civil War happened because of “the lack of ability to compromise” and […]
  18. the national interest
    Sanders Claims Kelly Learned Civil War Nonsense From Ken Burns. She’s Right.We would like to believe that nice Ken Burns could not depict the same ideas as nasty John Kelly.
  19. John Kelly Is As Deluded About the Confederacy As Donald Trump IsThe wise, gray head who is supposed to be restraining Donald Trump seems as reactionary as his boss is on key matters of history and culture.
  20. After Russia Indictments, John Kelly Revives Civil War, Gold Star ControversiesTrump has gone quiet, so the task of stirring up trouble on Fox News fell to his ostensibly no-nonsense chief of staff.
  21. John Kelly Tried to Explain Trump’s Comments to the Widow of Fallen SoldierTrump “expressed his condolences in the best way he could,” the White House chief of staff said.
  22. Trump Redoubles Claim That Obama Didn’t Call Gold Star FamiliesHe somehow made this story even more crass.
  23. John Kelly: I’m Not Quitting Today, and I Don’t Think I’m Getting FiredThe White House chief of staff made a rare appearance in front of reporters to insist he’s staying in his job.
  24. Trump Will Nominate John Kelly’s Deputy Kirstjen Nielsen to Head DHSIf confirmed, she will be just the third women in Trump’s cabinet.
  25. the national interest
    Trump Implosion Watch: Adult Day-CareCenter EditionA new feature to record a presidency that feels like it cannot keep going on.
  26. Report: John Kelly’s Personal Cell Phone Was HackedPresident Trump’s chief of staff gave the device to White House tech support earlier this summer complaining of problems.
  27. hot shot
    White House Chief of Staff Suffers Through Donald Trump’s U.N. SpeechA familiar pose.
  28. politics
    Kelly Trying to Cut Trump Off From Omarosa, BreitbartAs Kelly’s game of misinformation Whac-a-Mole continues, Trump is sneaking in calls, mainlining Fox News, and craving more right-wing printouts.
  29. Trump Mad That Man He Hired To Set Boundaries Keeps Setting BoundariesTrump brought John Kelly into the White House to establish order. Now, he’s (reportedly) chafing at the general’s strict discipline.
  30. tween rebellion
    Donald Trump Uses His Cell Phone Behind ‘Church Lady’ John Kelly’s BackThe president is reportedly not happy about being controlled.
  31. The One Flaw in John Kelly’s Plan to Control the Info Trump SeesSo long as the president has an internet connection, he’s bound to read — and, occasionally retweet — all manner of far-right wing nuts.
  32. John Kelly’s Plan to Control Trump Is to Treat Him Like the PresidentThe White House chief of staff is controlling the flow of information to the president and presenting him with “decision memos.”
  33. Scheme to Get Republicans a 53rd Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays PutA rumored game of musical chairs had Perry going to DHS, Manchin to Energy, and a West Virginia Republican to the Senate. But in the end nobody moved.
  34. the national circus
    Nothing’s Shocking Anymore With TrumpHe managed to both threaten nuclear war and embrace neo-Nazis while on vacation. Wait until he gets “back to work.”
  35. Trump Kicks Off His Vacation With Some Rage-TweetingWhere’s John Kelly when you need him?
  36. presidential tweets
    Has John Kelly Reined in Trump’s Tweetatorship?Many have tried. All have failed.
  37. the national circus
    John Kelly Is Destined to FailThe retired general may have had early success in ousting Scaramucci and instilling some order. But this is Trump’s White House we’re talking about.
  38. John Kelly Is Running a Tight Ship, for NowAfter Kelly’s first 48 hours on the job, even Trump is on his best behavior for his new chief of staff.
  39. Trump Fires Anthony Scaramucci 10 Days After Hiring HimThe move reportedly came at the insistence of new chief of staff John Kelly.
  40. Kris Kobach Wants a Promotion. But Will He Stay in Topeka or Head to D.C.?The famous immigrant-baiter and vote-suppressor is running for governor, but certain moves by Trump could mean Kobach’s future is in D.C.
  41. John Kelly Begins Impossible Task of Bringing Order to the White HouseThe military man will try to implement order with the help of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.
  42. John Kelly Is No-Nonsense. Can He Run an All-Nonsense White House?Donald Trump likes having generals around, and he really likes John Kelly. But can a Marine “run” a White House whose boss loves chaos above all?
  43. Priebus Out As Trump’s Chief of Staff, General and former DHS Head Kelly In.Trump tweeted that he is proud of Priebus and all they accomplished.
  44. In Mexico, Trump Administration Promises There Will Be ‘No Mass Deportations’Hours after Trump called his plan for immigration enforcement a “military operation,” DHS secretary Kelly assured Mexico that it is no such thing.
  45. Administration Rattles Sabers at Undocumented ImmigrantsMaybe the plan is to deport millions, or frighten the undocumented into self-deporting. Either way, a big shift in immigration policy is underway.
  46. Trump’s Homeland Security Head Takes Blame for Travel Ban RolloutEven though multiple reports say he was barely consulted on the executive order.
  47. drama
    White House Denies Report That Bannon Had to Be Reminded He Wasn’t PresidentLeaks and alleged infighting seem to have become staples of the White House reality show.
  48. DHS Head John Kelly Says He Only Needs Two Years to Build That WallIn an interview with Fox News, Kelly also says there will be “parts of the wall that you can actually see through.”
  49. travel ban
    Trump Administration Reverses Itself, Exempts Green-Card Holders From Travel BanIt now seems clear the Trump administration had no idea how the travel ban was supposed to apply to permanent residents.
  50. Is Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security a Trojan Horse?A lot of fearful people were happy when John Kelly was asked to become DHS secretary rather than the sinister Kansan Kris Kobach. But not so fast …
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