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John Kennedy

  1. 2019 elections
    A First Look at the 2019 ElectionsThe Democrats have a shot at the governorships in three southern states. Seven state legislative chambers and many local offices will be up for grabs.
  2. criminal justice reform
    Will Mitch McConnell Stand Tall for the Lock-Em-All-Up Racists of His Party?Trump could probably get his son-in-law’s prison-/sentencing-reform compromise through the Senate with a call to McConnell — but he may not even try.
  3. Trump Judicial Nominee Who Flopped at Hearing Withdraws NominationA small victory for competence.
  4. Amazingly Unqualified Trump Judicial Nominee Flayed by Republican SenatorThe administration’s war on competence, captured on video.
  5. amateur hour
    Trump and JFK’s Masterpieces Are Going Head-to-Head in an Art AuctionThey’re inspired by cityscapes.
  6. politics
    Senator Compares Health-Care Bill to Eating DisorderThe “skinny repeal” joke went too far.
  7. u.s. senate
    Republican John Kennedy Wins Louisiana Senate RunoffThe GOP will now have a 52-48 seat majority in the next Senate.
  8. Democratic Populism Probably About to Take a Beating in Huey Long’s StateSenate candidate Foster Campbell has a message tailor-made for his state. But it probably won’t matter.